Flint Wayfinder

  • 2014

  • Architectural
    Commercial and Residential

Designed By:

  • Abuzz Solutions

Commissioned By:

Abuzz Solutions

Designed In:


Navigation of indoor retail spaces is made easy thanks to the intuitive and unique Flint touchscreen directory, offering a large format high-definition screen presented in a contemporary and innovative enclosure designed for modern retail environments. Users can effortlessly locate the items, services, brands and stores that they are looking for, enhancing their shopping experience. The design of the kiosk incorporates a stunning monocoque moulded enclosure, provides efficient servicing of internal parts and features a minimalist yet eye-catching aesthetic.

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  • The Flint kiosk has a hidden access system to internal compartments that provides secure yet easy and fast access for servicing and replacing components, minimising down time. This also enables convection driven airflow through the kiosk, supplying adequate cooling without fans. The integrated backlit signage on the kiosk draws attention to the directories and ensures they can be seen from a distance throughout the shopping centre.

  • The asymmetrical yet balanced form of the Flint kiosk gives it a playful aesthetic that goes beyond mere function, making it eye-catching to the user from a distance and following contemporary trends in retail spaces. The flush mounted touchglass nested in the directory enclosure gives a seamless finish with no visible fasteners. The minimalist design of the external enclosure allows the user to focus on the screen content. The height of the 40° portrait-orientated screen is optimised for interaction by an individual, as well as viewing by multiple passers-by while the unit is not in use.

  • The self-supporting Monocoque design of the Flint kiosk simplifies components and manufacturing methods making it strong and solid, whilst also reducing parts count. The structure of the directory incorporates a robust pedestal mounting plate, giving great support within a very small footprint. The high-end material used in the moulding of the enclosure is cool to touch and has a smooth finish, giving the overall kiosk a high-end tactile feel. New technologies are utilised in the hardware design of the Flint, including an innovative touchfoil applied directly to a single glass panel resulting in little to no parallax error.

  • The Flint kiosk features a height-adjust button on screen, affording optimal viewing and interacting from users. A 40° portrait high-definition screen makes the Flint ideal for wayfinding, with a clear delineation between the touchable screen and surrounding glass frame. The single-layer ultra-thin glass gives highly responsive touch, whilst also minimising the gap between glass and LED screen resulting in accurate interaction with minimal parallax error. The welcoming and interesting shape of the Flint, with it's illuminated international 'i' symbol, encourages users to approach and interact with the kiosk, and distinguishes the directory from other non-interactive digital screens throughout the centre.

    The Flint kiosk's intuitive interface allows users to quickly and efficiently find what they are looking for. The interface is customised to each specific site, with optimised searches, brand incorporation and multi-lingual support. The maps are orientated to the user, clearly communicating current location and local surrounds. The interface provides multiple search options including targeted keyword entry, or browsing categories and grouped results. The kiosk provides strong medium for digital advertising, messaging and promotion, and the content is readily updateable through a convenient web-based administration system. Customer usage statistics are recorded and monthly reports are provided for marketing analysis.