Transportable Building Collapse Training Simulator

  • 2015

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Urban Search and Rescue Team, Specialised Operations, Operational Capability Directorate, FRNSW

Commissioned By:

Fire and Rescue, New South Wales

Designed In:


FRNSW is the NSW combat authority for structural collapse rescue. They are also a United Nations registered team for response to both natural and man made disaster anywhere in the world. Previous deployments include Japan Tsunami and New Zealand Earthquake.

FRNSW is responsible for ensuring that its rescue firefighters have contemporary training programs to equip them in dealing with complex and dangerous rescue incidents associated with a structural collapse.

The Rescue / USAR training team have designed and build a road transportable building collapse training simulator prop that is extremely practical in operations and will provide a level of realism. The end result will be more lives saved.

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  • Based around the frame dimensions of an ISO shipping container, the training simulator provides all of the tactical rescue training issues associated with locating and rescuing a victim trapped beneath a structural collapse The training simulator is road transportable and resettable as opposed to a purpose built collapse prop that requires a single permanent location. The prop has been designed so that it is easy to transport and relatively cheap to manufacture. At approx. $35K, the prop is substantially cheaper than many fixed training locations around the world and with the added advantage of being transportable many more firefighters can benefit from its access.