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Fashion Revolution is a global, volunteer led movement calling for transparency, traceability and responsibility in the fashion industry. Mobilising millions of stakeholders around supply chain issues relating to worker rights and the environment during Fashion Revolution Week each April, it has become the largest fashion movement in the world.

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  • With opaque and globalised supply chains, identifying who make our clothes, and in what conditions, has been virtually impossible. Without this visibility, garment workers have not had a voice and the environment has suffered devastating consequences from lack of oversight. The 2013 Bangladesh Rana Plaza factory collapse was the catalyst for Fashion Revolution. It was the largest loss of life in the history of the industry and brought brand responsibility into the spotlight. It made clear the links in the fashion supply chain were broken and a seismic shift in the way we produce and consume clothes was urgently needed.

  • Fashion Revolution’s theory of change is that transparency leads to accountability and a multi-stakeholder approach is vital for systemic industry action. The movement utilises various tools to effect change. Through the Fashion Transparency Index brand ratings & industry report, the annual Fashion Revolution Week campaign, global research partnerships and awareness raising and events with consumers, educators, industry bodies, policy makers, brands, designers and students, we successfully galvanise all stakeholders into creating change. During Fashion Revolution Week, consumers are encouraged to ask brands #whomademyclothes. The campaign connects consumers to the faces behind their fashion and shows brands how many people care.

  • In 2017, Fashion Revolution Week saw 2 million take part calling for a better future for fashion with 568 million impressions of #whomademyclothes. 65,000 people attended 1800 events, including at schools and universities in 90 countries. 40 events were held around Australia with over 100 brands taking part locally & coverage received in all mainstream print, TV & radio outlets, including being part of the ABC series War on Waste. A number of brands published their factory lists including Primark, ASOS, Cotton On, Jeanswest and Kathmandu and started to address water stewardship, female empowerment, factory safety and employ ethical sourcing teams.

  • Beyond the campaign week, Fashion Revolution Australia is active throughout each year. Since it’s inception in 2013, we have held numerous events around the country, presented at fashion festivals and trade shows, hosted screenings and panel discussions, lectured to fashion design students and met with Ministers of Parliament around the impending Modern Slavery Act. To assist business, we co-host the only series of industry forums around supply chain issues such as living wage and traceability with Australia’s largest brands and retailers. We actively communicate the impacts of fast fashion, textile waste and water pollution which has led to brand and industry discussions around best practice circular design strategies and solutions. Fashion Revolution is an accessible, open source movement, making available free resources and toolkits for all stakeholders ranging from primary school students and producers to farmers and policy makers. The fanzines have been stocked in MOMA New York and the V & A in London. Industry and media frequently call on us seeking guidance and connections. Supporters include Stella McCartney, Amber Valletta, Kelly Slater, Lily Cole with brands taking part including David Jones, RM Williams, Patagonia, G Star, Zara, CUE, Jeanswest, Ginger & Smart, Kit Willow and more.