[expose] smart light

  • 2015

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

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  • Knog

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The explosion of videography and photography has meant consumers demand more from their devices. The iPhone takes great photo and video, but at night, this picture quality – especially for video – is redundant. So Knog created an affordable, but sophisticated video light. The [expose] smart not only nods to the hallowed aesthetic of the iPhone models it pairs with, but is remotely controlled by a custom app whilst it blasts out 6x the light of the phone. And as it’s USB rechargeable, it doesn’t drain any of its power. Bonus features are a manual mode meaning [expose] can act as a torch. Plus its keyring attachment means it never has to leave your side.

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  • The [expose] smart delivers over 6x the brightness of the inbuilt iPhone 5 and 6 lights. The 9 LEDs emit a massive 130 lumens of broad light, and a beam angle to match the iPhone's camera, meaning it works perfectly as a flash as well as a video light. The lumen to weight and size ratio are unmatched in the video light category.

  • The phone pairs with the light via BLE. This means the light can be controlled remotely and from distances in excess of 10m allowing very specific lighting set-ups not possible if the light was anchored to the phone. This flexibility also avoids squinting selfies, and grimacing group shots which often result from a head on light. Furthermore, with BLE, there is minimal battery drain from using the light, and it means the app will be able to control multiple lights at once.

  • Special attention was given to the colour temperature, to optimise for portraiture, but not be so warm that other types of film and photo were difficult to capture realistically. The colour temperature avoids ghostly white flashes, but also deep unrealistic reds and oranges. 3950 Kelvin is a warm natural light, best-suited to our sociable consumer.

  • With a beautifully designed, clean interface the app allows you to control the light remotely and wirelessly to light up from different filming angles and positions. This free app includes video and photo modes; flash, strobe and continuous light settings; adjustable brightness and contrast. It also includes simple, visual instructions for use. It also allows you to directly share your favourite clips and pics via your favourite social media platforms.

    There is over an hour of run-time from the built-in Lithium Polymer battery. That equates to 280 Instagram videos, 700 Vines... more than enough for a night out. The low battery indicator will light up to alert you when low, and to recharge simply use the micro USB cable (which is included) and connect to a USB port. The expose smart does not take any charge/power from the iPhone battery - it's all contained in the unit itself.

    Specific materials and processes were chosen so the design complemented the iPhone. High quality parts and finishes make the light not only tough for our environment, but aesthetically beautiful. Two colour options - black and white - for preference. Includes four attachment clips to position the light onto the iPhone, coming in two different lengths which makes the light compatible with iPhone 4S, 5 or 6 models; with or without a protective case.

    Weighing in at a mere 17 grams, the [expose] smart is portable and can go with you everywhere. It's small enough to fit in your pocket, or use the handy lanyard to attach to your keys - the light doesn't need to leave your side.