Exlicon MX – Draw Without Boundary Design Tool

  • 2022

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Ddiin Concept Ltd

Designed In:

Hong Kong

EXLICON MX is a multi-purpose drawing tool, that combines multi shape drawing and precision measurements. It solves another problem of the traditional radius by offering an infinitely extendable ruler which allows for drawing circles of any radius with precision. Designed for designers, architects and artists.

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Image: Extendable wing for drawing circle
Image: Extendable wing for drawing hexagon
Image: Draw angles
Image: Magnetic system inside the base and wing
Image: Rolling measurements for mm
Image: Extendable wing
Image: It can be separated as a ruler or combined as a compass
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  • Conversional math compass is a traditional tool for kids and even adult, we learn it when we were kid. There is a needle point on the compass and will perforate paper. Exlicon MX reinvent the compass and user no need to learn how to use it for the first time, so we design a ease of use and initiative design to let user to easy understand. Moreover, it doesn't have a sharp point for the compass and it can be stable on the paper. Exlicon MX is made by aerospace aluminium and stainless steel which is CNC machined and precision.

  • Traditional compass has a needle point which will perforate paper or drawing media. Exlicon MX aims to reinvent the traditional compass while offering extra functionality. Exlicon MX solves the problem of having a limited radius by allowing infinitely extendable ruler and removes the problem of paper perforating with a nano sticker attached to the metal base. It offers a detachable base and infinitely extendable rulers, avoiding paper perforation and allowing infinite circle drawing capabilities, radius from 10mm – 320mm. It can act as a ruler, protractor and a rolling ruler which supports unit measurements on any surface.

  • It is an all in one drawing and measuring tool for drawing beginner, students, designer, artists etc. It made by durable materials like aerospace aluminum and stainless steel, it is a long lasting material which can be used for many years and recyclable. It's laser the marking on the ruler which is not scratchable and less manufacture wasting. All in one drawing tool which combines rolling measurement, compass, ruler and plastic template.

  • * It won't perforate paper/ drawing materials * Reinvents the traditional compass by offering a detachable base * 7 in 1 multi-shape and measurement design tool * Draw circles, pentagram, hexagon, triangle, square with infinite radius with multi wings/ ruler * Extendable ruler allowing infinite geometric shape drawing capabilities, radius from 10mm – 320mm (fits A0 size paper). * A rolling measurement ruler supports different surfaces, a circumference of 20cm with measurements to the millimeter. * Checked design markings for inches which is highly accurate and error free drawings * Draw angles and protractor * Durable materials made by Aerospace Aluminum and Stainless steel