Excel Vivo Switches and Sockets

  • 2018

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • Florent Glenisson

Commissioned By:

Ben Miles Jin Zhang

Designed In:


Bold, striking and refreshing, Excel VIVO can be customised to suit an individual’s tastes and interiors. From traditional rocker switches with white coverplates to designers edge dimmers with the coloured plates, Excel VIVO will transform a wall from boring to breathtaking.

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  • Most of switches and sockets found in DYI stores look alike. Very classic design, conservative white colour, they represent a dull option for new home-buyers or innovative renovators. VIVO challenge was to introduce an original design, along with exciting technological functionalities to enhance Australian interiors while improving user comfort and experience.

  • Simple, sleek & square, with pure lines and a modern glossy look, the Excel Vivo shape stands out in the market. It brings a fresh, innovative option to the style-conscious target audience. Available in white or dark grey grid with a choice of 14 different coloured coverplates in an array of classic and bold colours, to suit any modern bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

  • Excel VIVO enables people to express themselves via good-looking switches and sockets. Evolutionary, with its interchangeable coverplates, it will adapt to a homes future renovations or furnishings. Using technological features such as dimmers or PIR sensor, Excel Vivo contributes to a better energy management inside each home, while the double powerpoint with USB charger de-clutter cable mess in households.

  • The clever Excel VIVO coverplate design is made of a top-plate and under-plate, allowing different tones to be used on both. The result is a modern but neutral aesthetics from the front but a designers edge if you look at it from an angle. Refer to the Pink Gold or Chrome coverplates .