Legrand Excel Life Medical Range Wiring Devices

  • 2015

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

Designed By:

  • Eduardo Yudowski
  • Melvinder Singh

Commissioned By:

Tony Berland

Juan Moreno-Alamo

Designed In:


The Legrand Excel Life Medical range is a comprehensive range of wiring devices and accessories specially designed for healthcare facilities.

Legrand Excel Life Medical devices feature antimicrobial properties that ensure a safer healthcare environment specifically designed for hospitals, medical centres, dental practices and others health service premises. Legrand Excel Life Medical devices can also be used in aged care facilities, council public areas, restaurants etc where cross-contamination of bacteria could be of concern.

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  • The antimicrobial advantage in the Legrand Excel Life Medical range stems from the material construction based on silver ions - widely recognised as having antimicrobial properties that contribute to the reduction of undesired microorganisms. This technology reduces the risk of proliferation of bacteria without building antibiotic resistance, and together with standard infection control practices assures optimum hygiene. The Legrand Excel Life Medical range has been tested by an independent TGA accredited laboratory to JIS Z 2801:2010 and proven to be an effective antibacterial agent. The results demonstrated a kill rate against Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus between 99.72% and 99.9999%.

  • The Legrand Excel Life Medical range includes a variety of medical service panels (MSPs) in stainless steel and antimicrobial plastic for patient rooms and operating theatres. Customised MSPs are also available on request.

  • The Legrand Excel Life Medical range has a sleek, modular design that integrates seamlessly with the rest of the Excel Life range. This means an extensive choice of additional functions can be added to enhance healthcare facilities including: • Skirting lights with options of a permanent or movement activated light are ideal for guiding patients and care staff at night and preventing injuries. • No Touch Switches for lighting, auxiliary switching for water taps, doors and other applications. The No Touch Switch is activated by waving a hand within 5cm of the switch plate, perfect for reducing cross-contamination.

  • The Legrand Excel Life Medical range features internal safety shutters incorporated in all powerpoints adding an extra safety barrier from electric shock. This feature is an internal mechanical barrier or"slider" which prevents the exposure of the "live" sockets without the simultaneous insertion of the second pin plug. A range of Electresafe powerpoints with a built-in 10mA Residual Current Device (RCD safety switch) are available. Developed specifically for the healthcare industry, the 10mA RCD has a more sensitive tripping threshold enabling greater protection of people and fault identification of critical equipment.