Evolve Skateboards

  • 2015

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Jeff Anning (founder)

Commissioned By:

Jeff Anning

Fleur Anning

Designed In:


The Carbon Series has been designed for the emerging market of electric skateboards. Our customers are largely technologically savvy, well-paid people between 25 and 50. Our clients include Red Bull sky divers Felix Baumgartner and Jeb Courlis, TV personality Conan O’Brien and several Olympians. Customers love the look of the skateboard, with numerous testimonials on websites and social media and multiple community started fan pages with thousands of members. The boards are used for both recreational and commuter purposes. They’re easy for beginners to learn and experienced board sports people love the endless carve of an electric board. The Carbon Series retails for $A1949 and sells in 30 different countries.

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  • The board has been designed to have a “very hi-tech feel”. The deck is moulded from Carbon Fiber/Kevlar and the battery is incorporated into the deck, a world first for electric skateboards. The trucks are double-jointed polished chrome with customisable wheel options. The Street setup weighs 8kg and All Terrain setup 10kg, the lightest of its kind in the world and a world first as the only electric skateboard that can be converted to suit terrain. It is powered by 350 Watt 5500RPM custom brushless motor. Riders control it with an ergonomically-designed hand-held wireless Bluetooth remote that features a reverse function and battery indicator. It is almost silent and features stepless acceleration and braking.