eufy Security S330 eufyCam 3

  • 2023

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • Anker Innovations Limited
  • Gaoxin Bi
  • Chenyu Zhang
  • Sangmin Yu

Commissioned By:

Anker Innovations Australia Pty Ltd

Designed In:


eufyCam 3 is an outdoor camera with 4K ultra HD resolution camera, infrared lighting, two-way audio, self-learning AI, a spotlight, and 13,400 mAh battery.

eufyCam 3 and HomeBase 3, accompanied by Edge Security System, will provide the smartest, most accurate home security solution.

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  • eufyCam 3 contains 4K ultra HD resolution camera module, PIR, spotlight, infrared light, speaker, batteries and solar panel in the compact design. Designers re-arranged the whole structure to pursue minimum size. They ensured the best functional size for solar panels to meet aesthetic requirements. HomeBase 3 is also designed in a compact size but contains big spaces for the hard drive. Designers' key challenge was how consumers install the HDD easily and safely because the homecase size is limited. The simple magnetic top cover and only one screw design provide a very simple user experience and enhance the product value.

  • eufyCam 3 is an outdoor battery camera with built-in solar panel, providing near-infinite power with its 13,400 mAh battery. With the slanted angle, the seamlessly embedded solar panel provides more solar energy even when the camera faces downward. Users are hassle-free about frequent charging. It designed in a compact size with premium metallic finish, featuring a 4K ultra HD resolution, PIR, spotlight, and infrared lighting, housing in eufyCam's squircle face, ensuring optimal monitoring of users' property. It can save up to 16TB of data and features smart self-learning AI, ensuring that it adapts to users' specific needs over time.

  • The eufyCam3 is designed to express its powerful 4K HD resolution, AI powered technology, military level encryption and huge local data storage. The outdoor camera and HomeBase 3 show sharp and clean angle cut design. The slanted angle on the camera makes it set up a better angle, which helps solar panels provide more solar energy even when the camera faces downward. The HomeBase 3 is designed with a compact size and premium metallic finish. Users can manage the entire eufy Security ecosystem from one central location with the Edge Security System.

  • HomeBase 3, as the brain of this new security ecosystem, maintains eufy security's long-standing commitment to local storage using advanced encryption. This ensures that only you can access and view your video footage. No cloud storage or monthly fees are required. And also HomeBase 3 features Eufy's new local artificial intelligence-- BionicMind. BionicMind is a unique AI-Powered technology that uses machine learning to recognise different types of objects and even human behavior. eufyCam 3, as the eyes of this new ecosystem, is our first security camera to capture 4K resolution. The camera also includes an F 1.4 aperture lens, rear-illuminated light sensor and an LED spotlight , meaning you will get that best-in-class clarity both day or night. The eufyCam 3 also features a solar panel from Sun Power, maker of the world's highest efficiency residential solar solutions. With just 2 hours of direct sunlight a day, eufyCam 3 will keep recharging and operating indefinitely.