Etiko – Wear No Evil

  • 2019

  • Fashion

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Nick Savaidis

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Etiko, derived from the Greek word for ethical, is a Fairtrade clothing brand committed to providing social justice for supply chain workers. All Etiko apparel and shoes are made from organic and vegan materials, and sustainability is paramount to Etiko’s business model.

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  • To produce a range of staple clothing and footwear which is in line with our sustainability and social justice values. Classic items, such as sneakers, thongs, tshirts and hoodies which could be made in a manner which reduces their impact on the natural environment, without using any animal based materials and to be made in a genuine ethical manner which would ensure those from whom we source the raw materials (cotton farmers, rubber tappers) and those who work in the factories we work with are compensated fairly for their produce and labour.

  • We took 'classic' footwear & clothing & made them with natural materials which are grown & processed in a manner with the least possible impact on the environment. The cotton is certified organic (GOTS) and grown in areas which rely on rainfall rather than irrigation. The natural latex which we use for the soles of our sneakers/ thongs is certified by the FSC . Packaging, which is designed to be minimal, also utilises FSC certified cardboard. Last month, as the latest step in creating Australia's first truly circular fashion brand, we introduced a 'take back' program for all the footwear we have ever sold.

  • Etiko has set the gold standard for creating positive social and environmental impact in the fashion industry. It is the only Australia fashion brand to consistently achieve an A+ for ethical production in the Australian Ethical Fashion Report and in 2016 became the first fashion brand to win the Australian Human Rights Award (Business Category) One reason why the Etiko range has been so well received by consumers is that, despite its eco/ethical credentials, the whole range is cost comparable to mainstream non-ethically/non-eco-friendly brands. Etiko now has more than 50,000 followers on social media and nearly 20,000 newsletter subscribers.

  • Though based on ‘classic’ designs, Etiko’s range of clothing and footwear pushes the boundaries by applying sustainability and circular economy principles via its use of materials which are in line with its values. This approach was, until quite recently, unique in Australia. Even compared with other international brands, Etiko has led the way. Its sneaker was equal first in the world to use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) rubber. Within the next 3 months, Etiko will expand its take back program to include all Etiko branded clothing. This will result in the first genuine circular fashion brand in this country and one of the few in the world. A large part of Etiko’s efforts to create positive social and environmental impact is by supporting numerous indigenous, environmental, human and animal rights groups via the sale of specially themed tshirts as well as its Thongs for Good range. ‘Cause marketing’ is an integral part of Etiko’s growth strategy. Products in current development include a rubber thong which will help raise funds to support the work of plastic waste collectors in the Pacific via a partnership with Plastic Bank. Once again another Australian first.