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ePrep is a precision robotic instrument designed to take the labour and error out of routine liquid handling operations in laboratories and by doing so,automate entire preparation and sampling workflows for a wide range of analytical instruments.

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  • ePrep was developed to change the paradigm in all types of laboratories including clinical analysis, environmental monitoring and biotechnology research. ePrep achieves this through a number of innovative design elements, delivering valuable and unique functions that take the labour and error out of routine liquid handling. ePrep is so flexible it can accept samples in a wide variety of collection vials and prepare them directly into any auto-sampler rack thus removing the need to handle and transfer individual tubes or vials. the ePrep design is upgradeable and future-proofed through the ability to download and simply integrate new capabilities. A wide range of tools, racks and vials can be interchanged.

  • The ePrep form follows a simple design language that helps simplify its setup and operation and at the same time provides a rational 'no fuss' aesthetic that is clean and professional. The form and the manufacturing technology compliment each other such that a minimalist architecture is created and maintained.The use of aluminium extrusions and gravity cast base platform create a robust infrastructure for the highly accurate positioning required. Market research has shown a very positive attraction to the aesthetics and is at a much higher level than normally found in laboratory equipment. The open deck allows ePrep to have clear accessibility yet provide safe movement of the tools and syringes.

  • The build quality of the machine is of the highest standard and uses local and offshore sourced components. All surfaces are finished with a high quality chemical resistant coating making the instrument suitable for a wide range of laboratory environments. Strong design principles have been adhered to in order to minimise the part count and to simplify manufacture and assembly. This has a critical influence in every aspect of the business. From this approach huge advantages have been achieved by reducing the manufacturing overhead including purchasing, manuals management, quality systems, ERP systems and even clerical support functions.

  • ePrep has significant global market potential for a wide range of applications. Both ePrep and independent research indicates the instrument addresses a fundamental need in the growing analytical laboratory market that has not been adequately addressed in particular analytical techniques for toxicology, pathology, environmental, food, medical, veterinary medicine and most 'omics' applications in research, universities and industrial laboratories. Pathways to international markets are being established through several complimentary mechanisms. Global distribution partners are being worked with as well as regional distributors and service support organisations. The product is competitively priced.

    The ePrep is designed to be totally reliable and precise when performing routine laboratory sampling and at the same time can be set up to perform complex work sequences. ePrep is a reliable workhorse but also an extremely adaptable platform for many machine specific tasks. The working head of the machine incorporates an ingenious foot design that delivers many of the unique ePrep functions. The use of this type of foot and its integrated functionality has not been seen in other preparation instruments and is a patented world first. Capabilities delivered by the unique head design include pre-piercing of the vial septum,safe movement of needles, precise calibration, contamination prevention, sample tracking.

    The GUI is designed to graphically mimic what occurs physically at any stage of the machine process and can be used by a novice or expert alike. The intuitive step-by-step approach streamlines setup and minimises errors with the added feature of Bluetooth technology allowing the operator to remotely program and monitor the machine.

    The design of the instrument deck minimises potential crevices where biological and other hazardous materials may get trapped. Software operation is controlled through a multi level user system that restricts certain functions from being accessed based on a users assigned authority level. ePrep is currently undergoing CE certification which is expected to be completed in coming months. All electronic components are sourced or fabricated to meet ROHS and REACH compliance. Many of the ePrep safety features are incorporated into the ingenious foot design and pick up tool including the ability to instantaneously deactivate upon interference.