Enviro Hide by EmTech

  • 2022

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    Furniture and Lighting

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Layton Corporation

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Enviro Hide by EmTech is a game-changing material that is a real alternative to leather. A fully circular product that is made from recycled leather products. Enviro Hide uses 90% less water and is 20% stronger than split leather passing all tests on the use of harmful chemicals in manufacturing.

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  • The challenge - to develop a material that replaces highly desirable, leather materials, mimic the lux high-end look and feel of leather, and reduce the sustainability impacts of traditional leather processing. To design-out chemicals that harm the environment and reduce waste. Globally, production of leather has a huge impact on local waterways from harmful chemicals in the ‘runoff’ or wastewater from manufacturing flowing untreated into streams and rivers and ultimately the ocean. Sustainable design in the supply chain from start to finish produces chemical-safe and end-of-life materials to recycle, re-use and become new products - not in landfill or harm the environment.

  • The Emtch in-house design team engineered customised equipment to produce a circular economy, durable and aesthetically-pleasing product. The outcome? Produce a commercially viable alternative to waste and chemical contamination caused by traditional leather production. Often 40% of a leather hide is discarded to manufacture car seats as 'leather hide' is imperfect and 'cut' to minimise flaws in the final product. Emtech's chemical-free process of sorting waste leather, cleaning in 90% less water, and 'squelching' with propriety technology to roll material that can be cut, processed with minimal waste and remanufactured repeatedly into rolls. Safe, super-efficient systems produce super-sustainable Enviro Hide.

  • Enviro Hide by EmTech uses disruptive technology to make 'leather waste' a thing of the past by creating circular economy opportunities in manufacturing consumer products. 100% of Enviro Hide can be used again. Fully circular manufacturing allows for sustainable alternatives to chemical contamination and high water used in processing traditional leather. Enviro Hide can be used across multiple industries including furnishings, automotive, transport, aviation, government procurement, commercial fit-outs to apparel. With size and lengths to order, Enviro Hide reduces off-cut waste. It has light-weight strength and design flexibility and can be customised with bespoke colour, texture and embossing applications.

  • Enviro Hide by EmTech has obtained the prestigious Global Green Tag Platinum Product Health Declaration Certification. EmTech's research has been verified by independent, internationally recognised testing labs across multiple composition, chemical analysis and performance standards.