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  • 2023

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Experience out of this world sleep with the Emma Zero Gravity mattress, the latest innovation from the leading sleep brand worldwide. Its advanced AirGrid technology adapts to your every move, offering ultimate pressure relief. Its large air channels make it our most breathable mattress, ensuring optimal temperature regulation all night.

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  • Through extensive research, we discovered that more than half of Australians are dissatisfied with the quality of their sleep. With issues like night sweats and back pain, a poor mattress can significantly disrupt sleep quality. To address these challenges, we created a mattress that offers unparalleled comfort and support, with innovative features like our AirGrid technology and large air channels to maintain an ideal temperature throughout the night. Our goal is to provide a truly transformative sleep experience that helps our customers feel their best and tackle whatever the day brings.

  • With three-quarters of Australians considering a lack of sleep to be a health issue, it's evident that there is a need for a mattress to elevate their standard of sleep. Our unique AirGrid technology offers a Zero Gravity sensation by adapting to your sleeping positions dynamically. In effect, it cradles pressure points and relieves sleepers of body aches throughout the night. The AirGrid layer's large air channels also provide maximum airflow for the most breathable and comfortable sleeping experience yet. Combining the best in thermoregulation and motion isolation, this mattress is the latest sleep innovation to watch our for!

  • Research indicates that over 50% of Australians are unhappy with their sleep quality, averaging only 6.4 hours of sleep per night. As the leading sleep brand worldwide, Emma continuously designs products to help Aussies awaken their best with no stress. The Zero Gravity Mattress is the latest innovation of Emma's Sleep Lab. It boasts the AirGrid technology that provides a weightless sleep experience that is both relaxing and rejuvenating. By perfectly contouring to one's body, this layer offers unparalleled comfort. Independent research shows that majority of consumers find this mattress to be extremely comfortable and have excellent support.

  • From the makers of the Good Design Award-winning Diamond Hybrid Mattress, comes a new gamechanger - the Emma Zero Gravity mattress. Foam and spring mattresses have long been in the market, but the Zero Gravity offers much more through its innovative AirGrid layer that addresses multiple pain points. First, its large air channels allow maximum airflow throughout the mattress, keeping it breathable and moisture-free. This also provides unparalleled thermoregulation so you can sleep faster and cooler. Second, the AirGrid layer seamlessly conforms to your body, offering personalised support and total pressure relief. Moreover, the mattress comes equipped with a multi-zone pocket spring system to cushion all your pressure points. And unlike Viscofoam mattresses that rebound slowly, the AirGrid material instantly responds to pressure, allowing you to toss and turn without disturbing your partner. Beyond its stellar features, bringing the mattress home is a stress-free process with Emma's 100 night trial, free delivery nationwide, and 10 year guarantee. You'll wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to tackle the day ahead.