Electrolux Ultimate Care Washer and Dryer

  • 2019

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    Domestic Appliances

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  • Electrolux Group Design

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Electrolux Home Products

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People throw away almost 70 per cent of their clothes due to irreversible damage from washing and drying. Clothing is increasingly consumable, and we’re now addicted to fast fashion, but at a very high cost. Combine that with outdated care instructions which encourage expensive dry-cleaning. We did something about it.

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  • The challenge sounds simple: design a washing machine that preserves fabrics and caters to laundering those one-of-a-kind pieces, so customers don’t have to buy new garments. The execution of that idea is far from obvious, because the UltimateCare™ washer and dryer also had to reduce water and energy usage and garner Woolmark Blue Certification. Plus, the set had to provide best-in-class connectivity to achieve new heights of convenience for our customers. Behind its simple and intuitive form, UltimateCare is a step-change in how laundry gets done, and that’s what makes this humble laundry duo truly revolutionary.

  • The UltimateCare™ laundry duo keeps clothes looking better longer, so everyone wins. Professionally calibrated programs and sensors care for your clothes and reduce ironing and wear and tear, so our customers can spend less time on laundry and more time on life. Using the Electrolux Laundry App, customers can control their connected washing and dryer from anywhere, receiving notifications when the cycle is finished and tips for the best way to care for special garments. We’ve done the research and the testing, so they don’t have to.

  • We are living in a time of wonder. Never before have so many been so well equipped to reach their full potential. Our designs make life so simple and efficient that our customers can achieve greater heights. At the same time, we’re taking a bite out of fast fashion by giving customers the product they need to look great in the same item year after year after year.

  • • The UltimateCare™ connected laundry duo works hard to protect the environment through energy and water efficiency with a 5-star energy rating and a 4.5-star rating for water conservation. • SensorWash makes the wash truly intelligent buy using 2 types of sensors a (turbidity and conductivity) to determine the amount of particles and how much detergent is in the water to define the need for pre-rinse during the wash cycle and how many additional rinses the laundry requires. • UltraMix – The premixing chamber isn’t new to Electrolux washing machines and remains one of the key features of our appliances. By mixing detergent and fabric softeners in an independent chamber before applying to the load, enzymes are activated for efficient cleaning and detergent and fabric softener residue that can be unsightly and damage clothes is eliminated. Together, SensorWash and UltraMix work to ensure the best possible clean without over washing which can damage clothes. • EcoInverter Motor – The rotor is permanently magnetized which saves a lot of energy, making it 50% more efficient than a normal inverter motor. • Vapour Refresh allows the consumer to use vapour to soften the fibres in garments that could be worn again with a light refresh.