Electrolux Kitchen Range

  • 2019

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • Electrolux Group Design

Commissioned By:

Electrolux Home Products

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A matching range of kitchen appliances that have the power to remove friction from people’s daily life through intuitive design and a commitment to craftsmanship and aesthetics, over gadgets and gimmicks.

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  • In this complex and busy world, Electrolux’s design challenge was to create home solutions that didn’t add to the complications of modern day living, but instead helped to simplify things through intuitive design. Appliances which help people build a conscious connection with their lifestyles, bringing them closer to the things that we know are important to them – spending time with friends and family, nurturing and caring their loved ones through home cooked meals, and helping them to make a lasting positive difference to the world by reducing their food waste and their environmental footprint at home.

  • Guided by a deep understanding of the human needs of the user, the new Electrolux kitchen range is designed for all the senses – from the quality of materials, fit, feel and finish to the thoughtfulness of how, where, and when products are used. Underpinned by the guiding principles of Human Touch, Electrolux’s human-centric design philosophy, the range supports your creativity with best-in-class steam cooking, induction, refrigeration and dishcare appliances. Each appliance connects the user to the things they love and care about the most, through seamless design and intuitive functionality for better living.

  • The Electrolux kitchen range brings to life more than 100 years of Scandinavian design tradition and expertise. The result is a kitchen environment where people love to cook and spend time, and where the ritual and bonding over a shared meal is a daily escape from a busy and complicated world. The impact of the new range enhances connectedness, it improves ease of preparation and taste of food, plus enhances the wellbeing of the family through features which convey empathy and care for our customers. When every meal produces a ‘ta-da!’ moment, who wants to eat out?

  • Each design in the Electrolux kitchen range is rigorously tested with users before production goes live. We observe and identify any usability problems to ensure the final product sent to market is both accessible and universal.