Electrolux IOI 90Cm Freestanding Induction Cooker

  • 2015

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    Domestic Appliances

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  • Electrolux

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Now You’re Cooking
The Electrolux IOI Freestanding Cooker is a professionally inspired 90cm freestanding cooker which combines a huge 125L gross capacity oven cavity and a 6-zone Maxisense Infinite Pro Induction cooking surface featuring our innovative program: Chef Mode. It’s like having an army of cooks at your fingertips.

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  • Electrolux is the world's leading supplier of professional cooking equipment. In fact, nearly half of Europe's Michelin-starred restaurants use our appliances. We wanted to bring the power behind the world's greatest chefs into the home, so we developed InfinitePro: a 6-zone induction cooking surface with Chef Mode. Chef Mode is based on how the pros use their cooktops. Preset power settings of low, medium and high allow users to transfer their creations to different temperate zones without having to adjust controls. Because induction only generates heat inside the cookware, the surface stays cooler making this design safer, simpler, and more efficient than a standard cooktop.

  • The Electrolux Induction cooker brings high-performance to the modern home with a sleek, minimalist design that complements any kitchen. The edge-to-edge glass cooktop is uncomplicated, smooth, and responsive. This design is part of the Electrolux Inspiration range which includes matching range hoods, refrigerators, and microwaves. The unified visual identity of the products gives a cohesive and elegant feel to new kitchens. Sleek and stylish, the full-colour screen displays temperature with high-definition animation. The digital displays are easy to clean, perform intuitively, and maintain their visual allure even after years of use. When not in use, the display disappears for a streamlined appearance.

  • Designed for the entertainer and large families, this large capacity 125-litre oven features twin fans which circulate in opposite directions. This creates an even blanket of heat while the split grill function allows the user to cook two dishes in two different ways. Each of the 12 multi-functions is calibrated to achieve optimal results, because chefs demand accuracy, and our customers do too. The cooker features a number of simple improvements that make a big difference to the user. The door is made with soft-close hinges and triple glazing for a cool exterior while the racks inside use telescopic slides to make access easier, safer and more ergonomic.

  • Professional power requires considered safety features. As the leading technological innovation in cooktops, induction functions only when in contact with a pan or pot—not the skin. Because induction only generates heat inside the cookware, the stovetop itself does not radiate heat. This reduces the risk of burns and the danger associated with leaving the heated zones on unattended. The soft-close door hinge reduces splashes and spills while the triple-glazed door panels minimise heat being transferred outside the oven. This ensures a cool oven door and a cooler kitchen.

    Unlike most cookers, our induction cooker is designed and produced here in Australia. That gives our designers the chance to weigh in during the production process and to ensure the design meets the high standards we demand. The black 'Ceran' glass undergoes a stringent thermal shock test. It must be able to withstand temperatures of 500ºC and then be rapidly cooled. It's also easy to clean, hard-wearing, and timeless. The mark-resistant stainless steel was also chosen for ease of cleaning and timeless durability. Inside, the catalytic liners help remove dangerous fat build-ups. We've put the time into quality, so you can have more quality time.

    The Electrolux Induction Cooker is a premium product that has reinforced our position as a leader in kitchen innovation and has differentiated our brand to make us synonymous with professional results. Our Induction Cooker has helped to drive consumer awareness of induction as the superior and stylish cooking platform, to showcase our company as the category leader in induction cooking, and to promote Electrolux as a premium brand in the Australia and New Zealand markets.