Electrolux Inspiration IOI Steam Pyrolytic Oven

  • 2014

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    Domestic Appliances

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  • Electrolux

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A testament to style and substance, the Electrolux Inspiration IOI Steam Pyrolytic Oven has been thoughtfully designed with an array of intuitive features so you can effortlessly achieve outstanding results at home. To develop the unique Intuitive Oven Interface (IOI) we watched how people use their ovens, removed the complexities and designed the oven to be so intuitive that you can throw out the manual. For healthier cooking, the MaxiSteam function captures all the natural flavours, colours and vitamins in your food. The Pyrolytic function removes the need for harsh chemicals, simply set the function then wipe clean.

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  • To make cooking simpler, the full colour screen displays temperature and function feedback. The high definition full colour animation clearly shows the oven's status proving functional design can be beautiful too. Easy to understand words and descriptions replace cryptic icons and symbols to guide you for perfect results. Even setting the timer is easy with an automatic count up timer, so you know how long you've been baking. What's more, when powered off the controls fade away, yet, with just one touch from your finger, the display will come to life and be ready to create your next delicious meal.

  • Cooking with steam is a great addition to normal 'hot air' cooking. Steam brings out all the natural flavours and goodness in the food: it helps cook evenly from surface to centre and retains more nutrients and vitamins. Steam assisted cooking consistently produces juicy, succulent interiors with crisp, golden exteriors. The MaxiSteam function creates perfect conditions for all kinds of meat, poultry and fish dishes, while Bread Baking is specially programmed for loaves of bread and buns. Steam Reheat rejuvenates already cooked foods like pizza, rice, pasta and vegetables, and is also great for steaming fresh vegetables.

  • Introducing an oven that cleans itself! Pyrolytic cleaning removes the need for harsh chemicals and unpleasant elbow grease to clean your oven. Simply select one of the three Pyrolytic cleaning functions and the oven heats up to a temperature that turns grease and organic residues to ash. The oven cavity when cool is then easily wiped clean. For added safety for your loved ones, the door has four layers of glass, and is continuously cooled by convection, to ensure that the outer surface is always safe to touch.

  • The first thing you notice is the brilliant style of classic black, made contemporary. The crisp, clean lines and edges match modern kitchen cues. The IOI Oven is merely a single product in the Electrolux Inspiration range, which also includes matching appliances for your entire kitchen. Closely aligned design details including handles, trims and knobs, link products as diverse as ovens, refrigerators, gas cooktops and rangehoods, creating an aligned design vision across your entire kitchen. With a design philosophy centred on usability, the Inspiration Collection is the perfect partner in any kitchen - as functional as it is beautiful.

    Designed for the entertainer and large families, this large capacity 80-litre oven will make catering for every occasion quick and easy eight shelf levels allow flexible single or multishelf cooking, while the high performance electronic thermostat gives you precise oven temperature readings and minimises temperature variance when cooking. Great performance is assured through advanced testing by our qualified test chef, who uses over 20 standard recipes to test for evenness and heat distribution, colour, size and shape. Using specialised colour recognition software we measure precise colour and evenness in the food that's cooked.