Electrolux FreshPlus™ Refrigeration Range

  • 2017

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    Domestic Appliances

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The Electrolux FreshPlus™ refrigeration range combines clever design & functionality with advanced technology.

They deliver 3 main consumer benefits: 1) running costs are reduced by best in class energy efficiency, 2) food stays market-fresh up to 7 days longer and 3) the internal design heightens visibility and accessibility.

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  • Our Electrolux range comes in a number of styles: French door, bottom mount, single door, and top mount — all designed to discreetly fit in with a wide range of modern kitchen styles. The extruded aluminium handles exude quality while the stainless-steel finish is designed to resist fingerprints and stay clean. Each model is uniquely designed for seamless integration into existing kitchen decor, and matches seamlessly other Electrolux kitchen products.

  • There aren't many products in the home that are on 24/7, but a fridge is one of them. Our Electrolux refrigerator achieves a best in class energy rating due in part to our innovative FreshPlus™ system, which detects when you open the door and immediately begins re-cooling to replace the lost cold air. Our FreshZone™ crispers use a double insulation system that increases the stability of temperature and humidity levels. This reduces moisture loss, keeping food market-fresh for up to a week longer. In addition, FlexStor™, our thoughtfully designed storage system, makes it easier to find things quickly, and the LED lighting enhances visibility. So customers enjoy lower running costs and uncompromised performance

  • 5.4 million Australians get food poisoning each year with about 130 of those cases resulting in death. Our Electrolux range is designed to help our users avoid spoilage by keeping food fresher for up to a week longer than standard refrigerators. Our lives are busier than ever, but we're also more health conscious than ever before. That's why keeping food fresher for longer is so important. We all need that added flexibility, so that family dinners are healthy and nutrient-rich whether you did the shopping yesterday or last weekend.

  • The quality of our Electrolux cooling range goes above and beyond in every way. Extruded aluminium handles and the sleek stainless finish exude quality. We produce our range in a state-of-the-art factory which features some of the world's most advanced manufacturing technology. By using the latest tools in polyurethane double point injection, our factory provides the best insulation properties in a short cycle time. New thermoforming technology assists in significantly increasing both productivity and quality.

    Refrigerators are a long term investment. They account for as much as 17% of domestic energy usage, and yet people usually only upgrade when they move house or when their old fridge conks out. Part of our design challenge was to find a way to stimulate a conversation about upgrading sooner rather than later. Older fridges are energy guzzlers. The innovations outlined above give our customers a reason to switch.

    Every innovation we pursue has to deliver genuine value to our customers. This fridge works hard to provide fresher, better tasting food, lower running costs, and instantly adaptable storage for ease of use. These may seem like incremental improvements, but for an item that runs day-in and day-out for decades without replacement, these incremental improvements create substantive savings for our customers over time.