Electrolux Expressionist Kettle

  • 2014

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

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  • Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd

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Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd

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As part of the Electrolux Expressionist Collection, the Expressionist kettle has been designed to fulfil the need of design conscious consumers to build their kitchen with harmonized appliances as an extension of their personality. The form language is sophisticated yet simple; the transformation of shape with the seamless stainless steel body creates interesting reflections that are unique to this range. Ergonomics are never compromised, with slanted angles that subtly suggest the gesture on how the product is to be used. The Expressionist kettle offers a distinctive design that is easy to use, smart and intuitive.

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  • The Expressionist Kettle is extremely flexible, allowing you to select from eight temperature settings to ensure that whether you're making a cup of black tea, or need the cooler temperature for the perfect herbal tea, you'll get it right each and every time. Choose between 50C, 60C, 70C, 80C, 85C, 90C, 95C, or 100C. There's no need to wait around for that extra hot water to cool down to be suitable for your different needs.

  • We understand that sometimes all you want is one cup of tea, so why wait for a full kettle to boil? The OneCup Turbo button will heat up enough for your single cup in no time at all. The Expressionist Kettle also keeps the water warm for 40 minutes to the temperature selected, so if you get distracted doing something else, there's no need to re- heat the water. We thrive for the perfect results.

  • The Expressionist kettle features a high contrast LCD vision display, which allows you to check the progress as the water boils, showing the real time water temperature. There is also an LED illuminated water control window to highlight water levels. The high contrast LCD display interfaces are encapsulated within a double injected lens, making them impenetrable from liquid.

  • The simple yet stylish design features slanting angles and simple form transitions with the square to circle base, adding stability and sophistication. The kettle predominantly features stainless steel, which also wraps around the edges of the product. Completely BPA free, the Expressionist Kettle has a minimalist approach that is modern, technically advanced and reliable. With a 1.7L capacity, the Expressionist Kettle integrates functionality with aesthetics and is designed to be displayed rather than being hidden away. Express your personality in the kitchen with the Expressionist Kettle.

    With a multitude of user-friendly features, the Expressionist kettle is designed to make even the most hectic of mornings run smoothly. The 360-degree cordless docking station makes replacing the kettle after pouring so quick and easy, while the design of the base provides extra stability. The one hand lid opening push button also makes filling the kettle easier than ever and the handy spill protection element means less mess in the kitchen. The energy saving mode means that the LCD screen turns itself off when the kettle is not in use, thus saving energy without having to unplug the kettle.