Electrolux Ergorapido® 18V 2in1 Cordless Vacuum

  • 2014

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    Domestic Appliances

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  • Electrolux Home Product Pty Ltd

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Electrolux Home Product Pty Ltd

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The new generation Ergorapido® answers the needs of instant and spontaneous cleaning where and when needed! The design is inspired by wind tunnel testing, giving the product a sleek, streamlined look. Designed to be displayed, superior finishes such as stainless steel, have been used to give a sophisticated, premium feel. In addition to a line up of on-trend colours, an eye-catching orange accent has been introduced to make Ergorapido® stand out on the shop floor. Recently awarded international design awards including Red Dot ‘Best of the Best’, iF and Plus X awards, Ergorapido® is also celebrating its 10 year anniversary.

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  • Suited to a variety of cleaning jobs, Ergorapido® is designed to provide the cordless convenience of a powerful floor cleaner with two power settings that allows for regular long run time cleaning mode and a power quick cleaning mode. To clean shelves, table surfaces and upholstery, simply remove the handheld unit and switch it on. In addition, attach the relevant accessories to the handheld for more effective cleaning of hard to reach, delicate surfaces. The 2-in-1 feature was emphasised by slightly offsetting the removable handheld from the rest of the unit, yet still managing to create an impression of unity.

  • Electrolux consumer studies show that people find it frustrating when hair and fibres get stuck in the brush roll. Not only are they unpleasant to remove, they also reduce cleaning performance. Simply press the BRUSHROLLCLEAN™ pedal for a few seconds and the tangled hairs and fibres from the brush roll will be cut and sucked up into the dust container. Enjoy the benefits of maintaining the high vacuum performance while eliminating the annoying task of cleaning the brush roll.

  • With engineered improvements from nozzle to handle, the notable features of a larger, more efficient fan unit, new nozzle design, and a 50% bigger pleated air filter are advanced technological features that deliver faster airflow speed and better suction. This results in the new Ergorapido® ability to suck up dirt from more areas around the nozzle fast, giving superb cleaning results with improved total battery run-time performance.

  • Do you need to answer the door or pick up the phone? The self standing design of Ergorapido® allows you to leave it in an upright position whenever you need to take a break from cleaning. You can even remove the handheld and leave the cleaner in the upright position should you wish to continue to clean the furniture. The cordless design means there is no power cable that gets in your way that would limit your cleaning reach. With no need to assemble the Ergorapido® each time before cleaning, it is ideal for cleaning tight spaces or compact homes.

    The 180-degree swivel nozzle head and ergonomic lightweight design allows you to glide the vacuum across the floor and steer around tight corners or under furniture effortlessly. The large rear wheels are designed to deliver an improved cleaning manoeuvrability when cleaning low-pile carpets, soft surfaces and mats. Unlike nozzles that are too close to the ground to pick up larger crumbs, the Ergorapido® new nozzle inlet with powerful motorised power brush is designed for picking up cereals, crumbs, pet hair and dirt. Enjoy great cleaning results as the power brush even picks up heavier particles like corn kernels and sand.