EGO Power Plus PowerLoad Line Trimmer

  • 2019

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The world’s first Line Trimmer with POWERLOAD™ Technology. This solves one of the biggest pain points of line trimmers, replacing your line. It is as easy as feeding the line into the head and pressing a button to get rid of any fuss and get you back to work quicker.

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  • Line Trimmer products have been available for many years however the biggest issue for users in the past has been the difficulty in loading the line onto the machine once the line has been used up. The brief was to create a unit that functions as a high end line trimmer but solves the biggest issue with all line trimmers which is replacing the line. Users were after a solution and the PowerLoad Line trimmers delivers on providing the solution.

  • Incorporating EGO’s proven POWER+ ARC Lithium-ion technology, which has led the industry in terms of power, performance, run time and recharge times, EGO engineers set out to develop the next evolution in EGO’s outdoor power equipment offering, with the aim of creating a high performance Line Trimmer that met the requirements of users in performance and flexibility. The PowerLoad Line Trimmer is lightweight and easy to operate with all the required safety features to create a safe environment. The mechanism to utilise the line loading mechanism is simple and just requires the user to push a button.

  • The feedback from retail and end users is that the line loading function is the first true innovation to a line trimmer since the inception of a line trimmer. The product is a professionally performing product but now gave all users true confidence ensuring that the line is loaded efficiently, quickly and in the correct manner so that the tension is correct for when the bump feed is engaged to let more line out during use. It has been designed to be effortless in it use and performance.

  • The NEW EGO POWER+ 38cm POWERLOAD™ Line Trimmer has a Carbon Fibre shaft that is stronger than any other line trimmer shaft on the market today. This revolutionary trimmer is also built with a hi-efficiency brushless motor, bump feed line advance, 2.4mm professional cutting line, and is compatible with all EGO ARC Lithium™ batteries to maximise the convenience of cordless and deliver Power Beyond Belief. The EGO POWER+ Line Trimmer with POWERLOAD™ Technology delivers the performance of petrol without the noise, fuss and fumes.