ecoTHREAD™ Blanket

  • 2015

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  • Buzz Products

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Buzz Products

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In a world first, blankets made from 100% recycled plastic bottles will be provided to airline passengers. Buzz invested two years R&D into developing ecoTHREAD™ blankets, to deliver a sustainable product that is comfortable, functional and durable. Buzz challenged itself to develop a product for airlines to help lessen their environmental impact, and still deliver all the luxury and comfort that passengers demand. ecoTHREAD™ material is made from plastic bottles which are recycled into plastic chips and transformed into yarn, creating the polar fleece material. ecoTHREAD™ launched onboard Jetstar in March 2015. Each ecoTHREAD™ blanket for Jetstar is made from an equivalent of 19 recycled plastic 400ml bottles.

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  • Airlines require blankets that are soft, comfortable and warm for use in-flight. Blankets also need to be durable to withstand multiple use and laundering. The design challenge was to develop a blanket for airlines to help lessen their environmental impact whilst still delivering on quality. For the past 2 years, Buzz has worked with leading manufacturing partners to produce a luxury recycled fabric. ecoTHREAD™ blankets can be customised to any specification, including blanket size, thickness and aesthetic. Buzz works closely with designers, manufacturers and airline partners throughout the development and design process to ensure that the opportunity, design and final product solution is viable and desirable.

  • Today more than ever, environmental consciousness is central to good design. ecoTHREAD™ blankets are made by recycling bottles that would otherwise end up in landfill. The blankets can also be repurposed at the end of life.* With air transport set to become the world's largest single contributor to environmental damage, ecoTHREAD™ helps minimise an airlines' footprint by reducing the use of virgin materials. It is revolutionary for the airline industry to use wholly recycled product and given the scale of the operations, it has the potential to have a significant impact. The ecoTHREAD™ blanket has been certified with the Green Leaf Mark by Intertek. *End of life recycling is dependent on region.

  • ecoTHREAD™ blankets are truly a world first to market for airlines. Since launching on Jetstar in March 2015, they have become the world's first airline to carry environmentally friendly blankets onboard. Each Jetstar ecoTHREAD™ blanket is made from 19 recycled 400mL plastic bottles.The infrastructure and manufacturing process ensures that not only will hundreds of tonnes of bottles be rescued from landfill, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions will be minimized and the use of petroleum byproducts reduced (as compared to brand new materials)* * Recycling information sourced from

  • Products that are sustainable also need to be commercially viable to find a market. A key element of the design and manufacturing process was ensuring that the product was competitive in terms of quality and unit price. We were able to find a balance between desirability, product quality and environmental credentials to deliver a world first product. Given the scale of blanket use in the air travel industry, this product is capable of having a significant impact on the environmental footprint of the airlines.