EcoFlow Power Kits

  • 2023

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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  • EcoFlow Technology Inc.

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EcoFlow Technology Inc.

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United States of America

EcoFlow Power Kits are a compact power supply solution for homes, off-grid cabins, and mobile spaces. They provide both a reliable power source for those living in areas that experience frequent blackouts, and a means to achieve energy independence by cutting reliance on grid electricity.

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  • In these times of increasing energy insecurity and as global warming leads to more frequent extreme weather events, many are seeking alternatives to mains electricity. While modular energy solutions already exist on the market, users are plagued by several key pain points that take away from user experience and make it harder for people to enjoy their best possible lives. These pain points include installation difficulties, limited charging methods, large size, and lack of intelligent monitoring & control.

  • EcoFlow Power Kits provide a flexible and innovative solution to power small homes, campervans and off-grid cabins. The system is the world’s first compact modular power solution that gives families peace of mind with enough safe, reliable, green energy to power their lives. With a simple plug-and-play design, the Kits are an easy way to futureproof homes and campers, while a customizable capacity gives users the freedom to design a solution that suits their unique needs.

  • EcoFlow Power Kits is an innovative modular energy solution that offers a simple setup, fast and multiple charging options, and compact expandability, all within an advanced 48V system. With the versatile EcoFlow Power Hub at its core, the Power Kits empower users to customize their settings based on their unique power requirements, utilizing different combinations of LFP batteries, solar panels, and other modules. The Power Kits can be recharged in four different ways, including solar charging via solar panels, which provides users with the opportunity to harness renewable, free energy to power their lives.

  • EcoFlow Power Kits offer a compact energy solution which is expandable up to 30kWh and includes EcoFlow’s Power Hub and LFP batteries. Bundled with EcoFlow’s solar panels, the Kits can fully charge in around 3 hours with a maximum solar input of 4800W. The AC/DC Smart Distribution Panel allows smart power distribution. Power monitoring and control is also possible with the optional Power Kit Console or in the EcoFlow app. The Kits have a simple setup with no more than four modules, reducing the risk of incorrect wiring and making installation three times faster than the industry average. EcoFlow Power Kits can be charged via multiple power sources, with a 6000W input fully recharging the 15KWh capacity (single string) in 2.5 hours. EcoFlow Power Kits utilize a unique 48V system for safety, energy efficiency, versatility, and ease of use. The EcoFlow Power Hub integrates three DC-DC/MPPT dual-purpose battery chargers, one inverter-charger, and one DC-DC step-down converter, while the Kits’ LFP batteries are stackable, contributing to space saving in small places.