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  • EcoFlow Technology Inc.

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EcoFlow Technology Inc.

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United States of America

EcoFlow GLACIER is the world’s first 3-in-1 portable fridge, freezer, and ice maker. It can produce 18 ice cubes in just 12 minutes and has a 298Wh battery capacity, providing up to 40 hours of frozen storage, making it perfect for keeping food and beverages cold on the go.

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  • Existing portable refrigerators have flaws including inaccurate temperature control, lack of a built-in battery, weak compressors, and the need to purchase separate devices for refrigeration and ice-making. These issues can result in poor cooling due to insufficient power support, unintentional freezing, reliance on external batteries or car charging, slow cooling, and the expense and difficulty of transporting separate devices for refrigeration and ice-making. These challenges have led to a demand for improved solutions in the portable refrigeration industry.

  • EcoFlow GLACIER is the first portable fridge with a built-in ice maker to make outdoor experiences more luxurious. With rapid ice-making in 12 minutes and up to 40 hours of cooling on a single charge, GLACIER is perfect for camping, beach trips, and BBQs. It supports direct solar recharging for sustainable use. The innovative ice maker produces 18 solid ice cubes. GLACIER also offers dual zone, dual control capabilities with a removable divider for independent temperature control. Powered by a 298Wh Plug-in Battery, GLACIER provides long-lasting wireless cooling for safe and enjoyable food and beverages.

  • EcoFlow GLACIER represents a new level of luxury for outdoor trips and is a fantastic addition to any adventurer’s gear. Reflecting the new direction of glamping and more comfortable outdoor trips following the COVID-19 pandemic, GLACIER meets all the requirements for a leveled-up experience. Sustainable solar recharging also ensures everyone can enjoy their time outside in a more environmentally friendly way, while families who live in areas that are susceptible to power blackouts have access to emergency refrigeration, whenever they should need it.

  • Combining innovative technology with a modern aesthetic, GLACIER’s glass panel design lets users watch the ice-making process for a more intuitive experience. While many portable ice makers require shoveling of ice, GLACIER concentrates ice in a removable inverted basket that users can simply lift and pour. Unique intelligent dual-temperature control technology allows users to switch between single and dual temperature zones to utilize the refrigerator’s internal space as required. Capable of running for 40 hours on a single charge, GLACIER improves safety as it doesn’t require overnight charging. GLACIER is chargeable through 5 different methods, including solar charging, allowing users to enjoy the outdoors in a more environmentally friendly way, while users living in areas prone to power outages can meet vital emergency refrigeration needs.