De’Longhi Eletta White Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

  • 2015

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • Marco Vaona

Commissioned By:

De'Longhi Italy

Designed In:


Pure quality, technological innovation and linear design: the final result of a project where nothing was left to chance. The De’Longhi Eletta Fully Automatic Coffee Machine is the harmonious marriage between design and functionality.

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  • The Latte Crema IFD System is new technology designed to produce a creamy cappuccino, with dense milk foam, always at the perfect temperature. It features automatic cleaning integrated in the froth regulating dial permits you an easy cleaning of the whole milk carafe components - so the milk carafe can be turned to the fridge after use. It is made up of three key elements: 1. TWO SEPARATED HYDRAULIC CIRCUITS Dedicated hydraulic circuits for hot water/coffee and steam 2. HIGH PRECISION ELECTRONIC CONTROL Software for a high precision electronic control of all parameters 3. SPECIAL MILK CARAFE Carafe made with high precision components and a froth regulating dial

  • Intuitive metal touch control panel with two text lines display in 16 languages, which helps you in every circumstance to use the machine in a clear, simple and immediate way.

  • The integrated conical burr grinder has 13 grind settings that allow you to choose your preferred consistency. De'Longhi conical burr grinders is one of the most accurate and efficient forms of grinding a coffee bean. They also feature a Tubeless System, which reduces to a minimum the amount of coffee powder left in the grinder after each coffee preparation. Therefore you always drink the coffee you have just grinded, that is fresh coffee

  • 360° ABS plastic chassis was created by De'Longhi Italy primarily to create a heavy duty frame to support all the components of the coffee machine. The chassis has been designed to house specific components in its individual compartment to make operations simpler and servicing easier. The ABS plastic is designed to be Heat and Cold resistant. Perfect for a machine housing a hot Thermoblock and cold milk/water tanks. The ABS plastic is also colour proof and stain resistant, ideal for the kitchen or entertaining area. Makes the surface easy to clean even if the surface is covered with residual grease splatter and can withstand cleaning with everyday household cleaners.

    Our Delonghi Infuser unit is one of a kind. It features: 1. Closed case design, to reduce the amount of wasted coffee. 2. Only 2 moving parts means less chance of breakdown. 3. Compact design means no wasted space within the chassis. Only 16cm High and 7cm wide. 4. Easy cleaning and maintenance - just rinse under cold running water