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Babybee’s DUO2 is the ultimate versatile, future-proof ride with over 30 configurations for growing families to explore. DUO2 is a full-size in-line double pram that prioritises form, function and practicality and can be used in both single and double mode.

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  • To create a full-size in-line double pram with two full-sized seats and equal room for both children to grow while meeting the needs of the modern Australian parent with two children close in age. The overall design must balance quality, style, function, size and weight while retailing for a more accessible price point compared to other high-end brands. Most full-size double prams haven’t been able to achieve this balance, resulting in products that are too bulky, heavy and technical looking. We intend to offer a full-size in-line double pram that makes transporting two in tow a breeze.

  • DUO2 has been designed and engineered to offer Australian parents a safe, affordable and stylish in-line double pram that offers a practical solution to future-proofing. DUO2 is designed to grow with your family and can be used in both single and double mode in over 30 configurations and is compatible with pram bassinet, car capsule and pram seat. Unlike many double prams where the second seat is smaller, DUO2’s second seat is equal size to the first and offers children maximum comfort and room to grow.

  • Our mission was to design the ultimate future proof ride that makes travelling with two in tow less stressful and more fun. Since DUO2’s market launch in 2020, it’s consistently received an NPS rating over 70 and won numerous awards as a leader in the double pram category in Australia. We understand every family is unique, which is why DUO2 integrates over 30 configurations and invites families to use it their way. DUO2 also integrates quality, style, form and function at an accessible price point with over $250 of free accessories included in the box.

  • DUO2 is an industry leader when it comes to full-size in-line double prams. Our DUO2 is designed to grow with your family and can be used in both single and double mode with 30+ configurations compatible with pram bassinet, seat and car capsule. While DUO2 has been engineered to be a safe, robust and technical pram that seamlessly transitions from single to double mode, the overall aesthetic of the product has not been compromised with a focus on premium design with soft curves and a streamlined silhouette. Unlike many double prams currently on the market, the DUO2’s second seat is equal size to the first, offering both children equal comfort and room to grow. With two in tow, it was also important for us to include ample storage solutions that make it easy to find what you’re looking for in seconds but without impacting the overall design and weight of the product. The generously proportioned basket is easily accessible when DUO2 is used in both single and double mode. Additional storage compartments for accessories are also cleverly integrated under the footrest and with the free handlebar bag included with every purchase for quick access to your phone, wallet and keys.