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Duncan Solutions

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Duncan Solution’s NG Meter is the culmination of many years of experience and wisdom on parking meter design. Designed for smart and progressive cities, the NextGen meter reinvents this unloved feature of our urban landscape. Offering real-time business intelligence, the meter provides all the benefits of ticketless and cashless parking.

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  • Parking is a critical aspect of any modern city but often associated with negative emotions and poor user experience. How do we reinvent this necessary but neglected feature of our cities? The new meter had to be easy to use and fit into the architecture of any streetscape. It had to withstand the day to day toils of high traffic areas. The parking meter had to meet the needs of stakeholders including day to day motorists, parking asset managers amaintenance and installation crews.

  • The NG meter is the perfect solution for progressive cities who want ticketless and cashless parking and a low touch, low friction experience. It's configurable to support both pay-by-plate or pay-by-space. No more ticket rolls or cash collection. Solar sustainable features and IOT capabilities are integrated into a minimalist structure. The modular design allows for easy installation and maintenance with fewer moving parts. Just pop out the head unit or battery and replace. The NG meter is the perfect complement to the full Duncan parking solution with digital receipts, Duncan “PEMS” management and BI platform, licence plate based automated enforcement.

  • The NG parking meter modernises the parking experience. Incorporating the latest of technology including 4G LTE communication and the innovative PEMS system, the meter delivers rich, real-time business intelligence so key decisions can be made instantly. Motorists engage with an indestructible 7-inch colour touch display with contactless card and smartphone payments. The environmentally friendly meter is solar sustainable with custom long-life batteries. Its modular design allows for low cost upgrades and maintenance. The sealed IP65 rated module can be removed and replaced in seconds without any need for tools or in-field diagnostics.

  • ● Simple, intuitive and convenient user interface ● IK10 rated 7-inch colour touch screen, readable in all light conditions ● Scratch resistant screen with anti-glare coating to resist urban vandalism ● Solar sustainable due to highly optimised software and electronics and solar charged long-life batteries ● 4G LTE Communications network for all data transfers ● PEMS management system offers real time financial and operational data ● Future proofed electronic components that can be upgraded at low cost ● EMVCo & PCI certified card reader allowing contactless card and smartphone payments ● High security networking and provisioning ● Sleek housing constructed in robust 304-grade stainless steel with 10-year anti-corrosion warranty ● Designed and manufactured in Australia ● Sleek, minimalist design aesthetic designed to complement any city streetscape ● Great flexibility that allows different parking rate combinations. ● Highly maintainable. It automatically alerts staff when maintenance is required through the PEMS system ● Easy installation ● Modular design allows off site maintenance. A head module that needs repair can be easily removed and replaced with a working module. Expensive maintenance routines and programs are no longer required. ● IP65 rating ensures its highly resistant to both dust and liquids penetrating the machine