DS4800 Series Bar Code Scanner

  • 2014

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Motorola Solutions

Commissioned By:

Motorola Solutions

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The DS4800 Series is an innovative bar code scanner for the retail and hospitality markets that offers style without compromise. You get elite performance, elegantly crafted – impressive design, innovative technologies and enterprise reliability and functionality.

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  • Compared to the traditional gun form factor, the DS4800's arc shape provides a stable footprint on the counter top, resists being tipped over, and provides comfortable ergonomics for the end user.

  • A large customizable bezel covers the top of the product and can feature a retailer's brand. This bezel can be ordered with full color graphics or logos per the retailer's request.

  • The touch-sensitive trigger was developed to allow for a tap, swipe or press to activate the bar code reader, rather than a traditional mechanical button. To improve intuitiveness, the trigger is back lit and pulses when idle, glows brightly while in use, and features both audio and haptic vibration feedback. The light disappears when placed into the stand, allowing hands-free scanning by presenting bar codes underneath the clear window on the front of the product.

  • The DS4800 is the first scanner to use a speaker rather than beeper to provide rich melodic tones on a successful scan. There are custom tones to choose from out of the box or the sound can be customized by a retailer for a unique theme or special events such as a holiday sale. Trigger feedback can also be customized using either audio or haptic feedback.

    The clear window on the front of the scanner illuminates on a successful scan to provide user feedback. This design also provides the correct distance away from the camera to allow bar codes to be scanned while touching the object, a common frustration with other competitive scanners.