Dropcam Pro

  • 2014

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • Whipsaw, Inc.

Commissioned By:

Whipsaw, Inc.

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Dropcam Pro is a compact Wi-Fi video camera for monitoring one’s home or business. Live or recorded video streams directly to any computer or smart phone so you can keep an eye on your kids, pets, valuable property, a vacation home, your business, etc. Dropcam Pro sits on a table or mounts to a wall and can be pointed anywhere at any subject with its unique three-axis adjustable feature. The aluminum vertical paddle tilts, the lens assembly rotates, and the base swivels. The camera can snap out of the paddle hole for even more freedom with camera placement.

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  • Dropcam Pro is a good example of holistic design with lots of value. It solves a problem in a clever way, it is a product and a service, it works well, looks good, is well made, conserves material and energy, incorporates state of the art technology, and it's a snap to use.

  • Integrated form and function is perhaps Dropcam's greatest design value. Its form is derived from its 3-axis adjustable function which informs users exactly how to adjust it. Nothing extraneous was added and its purpose is clear. The compact round camera module contains all the electronics, and it is nestled into the paddle/ base mount which provides all the aiming adjustment. The camera can snap out of the base for special cases, like attaching it to baby's crib.

  • Twelve infrared LED illuminators surround the lens in a ring (under the translucent black housing). These IR LED's in this formation evenly illuminate any scene, even a burglar lurking in the night.

  • The camera is high def 1080p quality and wirelessly records to the Cloud so you can view video anywhere at any time, real time or recorded. It also has audio so you can communicate through the camera.

    Dropcam's efficient use of materials and simplicity means that it costs less than competitors.