Dorf Epic Tapware and Accessory Range

  • 2015

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    Hardware and Building

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  • GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens

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GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens

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The Epic range, designed and engineered by GWA R&D in Sydney Australia, is the latest from Dorf.
Consisting of a full complement of tapware for the bathroom and kitchen with matching bathroom accessories, the offering totals 25 individual products.
Every aspect of function, performance, user experience, engineering, and installation were considered during the design and development phase.
The result is a versatile range that combines soft geometric form, refined engineering and contemporary bathroom design. Beneath the surface, attention to detail and a commitment to environmental sustainability with the innovative Coolstart technology mean that the Epic is rich in functional features as much as good design.

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  • “Soft geometry” is a design trend we have seen develop and mature in this product category over some time. The Dorf Epic design language encapsulates this trend. It is sympathetic to the bathroom space which is generally constructed from objects that are predominantly rectangular or square, however, with radiused edges, the designs promote tactility and comfortable usage. The design aesthetic was carefully evolved to ensure the products appeal to a wide market and a variety of interior design themes whilst retaining their own distinct character. The result is a range of products that clearly articulate use and function.

  • The Epic range functions like familiar traditional mixers, however, the inclusion of high quality components and the Surefit installation method, mean installation and use are easy and worry free. The inclusion of the rotational ceramic disc diverter cartridge in the bath/shower mixer product facilitates a smooth, controlled operation when compared to traditional push/pull diverter function. This also allows the diverter to remain in a preferred position, unlike traditional diverters which revert to a default diversion direction once the water pressure in the system is removed. A pivoting aerator in the basin mixers allows the user to adjust the water stream to optimize the flow direction to reduce splashing or increase usability.

  • The cartridge in the Epic is fully adjustable. The upper temperature and water flow can be individually limited to significantly reduce scalding risks and assist in reducing overall energy consumption. The mixers use ultra soft PEX (cross linked polyethylene) hoses which in addition to their supreme durability and installation ease, also have anti-bacterial properties and do not affect the taste/odour of the water. The entire Epic range of tapware is registered with WELS, and has Watermark certification. The shower ranges comply to the following standards AS/NZS 3718:2005 Water supply- Tap ware AS/NZS 3662:2005 Performance of showers for bathing AS 4020:2005 Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water

  • Where possible, the number of parts has been reduced to a minimum and manufactured from recyclable materials. Every product has been designed for disassembly, further promoting recycling. All products have been designed, engineered and tested to exceed all relevant standards. The sink mixer has a 4-Star WELS rating, basin tapware has 5-Star WELS ratings - 6L/min and showers have a 3-Star WELS rating 9L/min. In the Coolstart Basin Mixer, a unique feature reduces overall household energy consumption. When the handle is centrally orientated, the mixer delivers cold water only. To obtain warm water, the handle is then rotated to the left so the mixer won't activate the hot water system unnecessarily.

    The range is defined by large flat surfaces and crisp edge details, and these are difficult and complicated to execute and control in production. However the Epic range is executed to the highest level of quality and finish using DZR brass and quality PEX hoses. With the Australian tapware market populated by over 300 separate brands, the market landscape is well serviced for choice and is competitive pricing. The market expectation is for good quality product, great design at very competitive costs. Based on the commercial success of the range since its release, feedback clearly illustrates that the Dorf Epic range delivers on all of these market expectations, as well as offering exceptional value for money.

    The Dorf Epic tapware and accessory range has proven highly successful in the marketplace and has had an extensive list of high profile specifications since its release to market.

    The entire Epic mixer and accessory range has been developed form the ground up. Included is a first for Dorf with the Epic Coolstart basin mixer. Integral to this new technology is the simple functionality. When the handle is lifted from the neutral (off) central position, only cold water is delivered. Hot water is only introduced when handle is rotated to the left for mixed water. This means hot water delivery, and thus, the hot water system is not activated until the handle is rotated beyond its neutral position. The result is overall household energy consumption is reduced. All versions of the Epic mixers also have an adjustable cartridge that allows added flow and temperature control, further reducing energy consumption. Innovation extends to design as well with the designs protected by Australian and international design registrations.