Dometic CFX3 Portable Fridge/Freezers

  • 2020

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    Domestic Appliances

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Dometic Global

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The Dometic CFX3 series portable compressor driven fridge/freezer range, designed to run on both 12/24VDC and 240VAC brings new features & benefits to enhance the user experience for outdoor enthusiasts in leisure markets such as camping & 4WD, or tradesmen & truck drivers who want fresh food and cold drinks on the move.

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  • The key challenge was to create a next generation of Dometic portable compressor fridge/freezers with new features and enhanced user experience whilst retaining successful elements from the outgoing series already endorsed by existing customers. Previous generations were conceived & developed with a European focus originally, followed by Australian input in the outgoing design launched in 2012 based on (at that time) around 10 years of Australian in-field portable refrigeration experience. The next generation needs to further satisfy the needs of the US market as it transitions from icebox usage to powered compressor cooling. A truly global design is needed.

  • The wholly Dometic in-house product development and design process began with input from global mobile cooling product management, market and technical specialists to identify opportunities for improvement of existing generation design elements and/or what new features to incorporate. Product industrial design followed new Dometic design language principles launched since the design of the outgoing series, whilst retaining key elements of the old series DNA identified as market penetration success factors. Dometic factory engineers were involved from the start, incorporating component modularisation and efficient manufacturability. All above mentioned stakeholders worked closely together throughout the entire project to cement a successful outcome.

  • The CFX3 portable compressor fridge/freezer range of 6 models from 36 to 94 litres in a fresh new design with new features & functionality should secure and hopefully further enhance our market position in this product category. With easy temperature adjustments using the new TFT display or Dometic app, variable-speed compressor technology for optimised performance and energy efficiency and strong aluminium spring loaded handles for ergonomic lift & carry, it is even easier for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy fresh and healthy food whilst off the grid. An industry first ice-maker model makes ice cubes inside it's single compartment running as a fridge.

  • Key features of the 6 model CFX3 range (CFX335, CFX345, CFX355/55IM, CFX375DZ, CFX395DZ): - TFT LCD display with user friendly menu - Bluetooth and WiFi enabled - CFX3 app - set temp & battery protection level, see DC voltage, graphical monitoring of temp & DC energy history - 2A USB output socket with rubber cover built into control panel - Rubber covers for AC & DC inlet sockets when not in use - Strong, lightweight aluminium alloy spring loaded handles - Anti-condensation coil heating at top of cabinet, under lid gasket - Aluminium alloy & stainless steel lid hinges with quick release design - Reversible lids (except 35/45) - VMSO3 (Variable Motor Speed Optimisation v3) for efficient energy consumption & cooling performance - Plug directly into 12/24VDC and/or 240VAC power with automatic AC mains priority system if AC & DC both connected - Power inlet sockets at opposite end to control panel for easy in-vehicle DC cable management - Single zones (35/45/55) models can be run as a refrigerator or a freezer - Dual zone models (75/95DZ) can be run with either compartment as a fridge or freezer, in all combinations. Either compartment can also be switched off if not in use to save energy Ice-maker model CFX355IM: - makes ice blocks whilst running as a refrigerator with rapid freeze plate technology