DiscGo Charger

  • 2014

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Ingenuity Electronics Design

Commissioned By:

DiscGo Charger

KWA Design Group

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DiscGo Charger is a revolutionary mobile device charging system designed for use in venues such as bars, restaurants, hotels, airports etc. It offers a superior solution to traditional charging kiosks in that it allows patrons to charge and use their mobile device whilst keeping it with them. No longer do patrons need to lock their phones in a locker or stand at a kiosk. The system consists of a Base Charger and 5 Pucks. Each Puck is a mobile, compact device that can simultaneously charge up to 2 phones of any type. The Base is used to charge and monitor.

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  • DiscGo Charger provides unparalleled convenience allowing patrons to charge their mobile phones anywhere they like. They simply request a Puck from the venue staff and take it with them to charge their device. The Puck is a compact, portable, battery powered device that charges a phone/tablet by a direct connection. Patrons, are free to use their phones and move about whilst charging. This convenience encourages patrons to stay a little longer, relax and buy a little more, instead of rushing home (or to their car) to charge their device. This is valuable for both patrons and venues.

  • The DiscGo charger supports fast charging of a broad range of mobile devices from numerous vendors. All the major phone brands and mobile device types are supported including, media players, phones and tablets. Fast charging, allows patrons to charge their phone in the shortest time possible. This provides convenience to patrons and maximises the utility of Pucks. Each Puck can charge up to 2 devices simultaneously and holds sufficient charge for two large phones. Patrons can charge their phone and also share their Puck with a friend!

  • The DiscGo Charger incorporates wireless connectivity which provides a range of useful features. The system allows Venues to wireless page a Puck by pressing a button on the charger. A paged Puck will flash and beep allowing Venues to locate the Puck. The system also displays the real-time operating status and charge level of each Puck in a venue. Combining wireless paging and charge status reporting allows venues to conveniently identify, characterise and locate Pucks. It facilitates using a large number of Pucks with a single base unit, which is efficient on space and cost.

  • The DiscGo Charger provides an optional security feature whereby the charger and/or Puck will alarm (beep and flash) whenever a Puck is outside of radio range for a period of time. This feature is intended to reduce the accidental (or intentional) removal of Pucks from a Venue and reduces the loss of Pucks. In addition, Pucks have a feature whereby charging is automatically disabled after a settable period of time. This feature prohibits the use of Pucks without a Base, discourages theft and limits use. The only way to reset a Puck is by placing it on a base.

    Each Puck has a clear plastic cover under which proprietary branding and advertising can be placed. This allows venues to customise their Puck for their venue. The commercial value of being able to place advertising directly in-front of a patron can also not be understated. In addition, the illumination colour, brightness and audio options on a Puck are configurable to suite the mood of each venue. Patrons can also optionally download the 'Puck Me' App, which allows users to locate a nearby Puck Chargers and supporting venues and share their charging experiences with friends via social media.