• 2023

  • Communication
    Branding and Identity

Commissioned By:

Martin McGregor

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We were approached to create a new strategic positioning and brand identity for Devicie, an endpoint management platform that allows IT teams to manage their device fleet securely, remotely and at scale.

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  • The challenge for us was two-fold. We needed to reposition Devicie as being more than just the technology itself, to move away from being reliant on buzz words and sales tricks to being quietly confident and solution-led. From a visual language point of view, it was more about finding a way to embrace the technical nature of the platform with a system that was flexible and robust.

  • We went through a thorough immersion process, including conducting staff surveys, to come up with the strategic narrative of ‘Enabling technology teams’. This extended to describing how Devicie would do this by helping these teams be secure, up-to-date and ready to grow. Our visual language was based on using dots as the primary motif, which are continually moving, but always coordinated and in control. We developed a custom application that allowed the client to upload any image that could be turned into a branded visual, demonstrating the overall flexibility of the identity.

  • This project has demonstrated the benefit of embracing exactly who your key demographic is and designing for them and no one else. For Devicie, it was about designing for people that live and breathe software by being unapologetically technical. It has allowed them to stand confidently amongst other technology companies that have in recent times started to look a bit too similar.

  • Our custom image generation app was created to allow anyone to upload an image that could be then turned into a branded graphic. The application had a number of settings available, including the ability to flip colours, invert the image as well as configure the density and size of the dots seen in the image. Images could then be exported straight from the app, ready to use anywhere online. We selected Signifier as the display typeface for a number of reasons. As a serif, it differentiates Devicie right from the get-go given the multitude of tech companies out there using geometric sans serifs. Despite being based on 17th Century Fell Types, it was created by Klim Type Foundry using purely digital tools and machine logic, resulting in a level of precision defined by bezier curves, sharp vectors and hard edges.