Deva Cacao 85g range

  • 2020

  • Communication

Designed By:

  • Alyson Pearson - Graphic Designer

Commissioned By:

Maggie Quirk - Owner Deva Cacao

Designed In:


Deva Cacao is Australian made, organic raw chocolate, sweetened only with Australian bush honey – packaged in fully certified home compostable pouches and recycled cardboard boxes.

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  • Design a range of contemporary, airtight and environmentally friendly packaging whist staying true to the original essence of the brand - natural simplicity and integrity. The packaging will elevate the brand, improving value and introducing it to the world market. Our original packaging designs weren't premium but included beautiful line drawings from a local artist and we wanted to maintain an element of local artistry. The original packaging also had a layer of foil which was hand wrapped around the bars. This was: - labour intensive - not environmentally friendly - not airtight therefore undesirable for a food product that doesn't contain preservatives.

  • - After extensive research we decided to use Natureflex bags for the internal wrapper as it is certified home compostable, airtight, heat sealable and once our business grows we can use this film with a flow wrap machine (currently we buy custom sized bags and heat seal by hand). - We then engaged a local artist/designer to design the artwork for the outer layer - the boxes. She created moodboard concepts and hand illustrated the core ingredient for each flavour before layering with contemporary colours, texture and shapes. - Meanwhile we liaised with printing companies to find the right foiling colour and box design.

  • - The packaging utilises a plant based, home compostable film and recycled cardboard boxes. This eliminates the need for plastic and al-foil waste, demonstrating that health food products can be presented beautifully and distributed in socially/environmentally conscious packaging. - We anticipate these designs will significantly increase interest in our product through their eye-pleasing artwork and use of environmentally friendly, ethical materials therefore increasing sales and earning loyalty from discerning customers. Since launching the new packaging in March, we have seen a 30% increase in revenue, even amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Ultimately, we hope to encourage big business to pursue similar avenues.

  • - The packaging of natural, organic and sustainable and healthy products has traditionally been "daggy" and less appealing than other well designed, eye catching products. Our chocolate is genuinely healthy, it's the only chocolate in Australia suited to certain specific diets and health requirements (people with autoimmune disease, GAPS diet etc). Our new designs are already helping us reach a wider commercial audience and seeing more mainstream stockists of our brand. The social impact of this is especially vital for these immune compromised people who could previously not enjoy any chocolate without adverse side affects - they can now enjoy one of life's best treats. There is also a healthy flow on effect for people who don't "need" specialty chocolate but purchase due to the packaging design. - The addition of the bee illustration to each design is to visually show that our product contains honey as we didn't want to clutter the front of pack with excess text. - It's worth noting that out inner pouches will be silver Natureflex but the silver film was delayed due to Covid-19 so we have launched with the clear packaging for now. The silver film will add a more premium and traditional chocolate bar feel.