Detpak KFC Go Bucket

  • 2017

  • Communication

Commissioned By:

KFC Australia

Designed In:


Evoking the aesthetic of KFC’s iconic bucket, the Go Bucket is a single-serve bucket with lid to package fried chicken snacks with chips for portable consumption.

Features to enhance food quality and user experience include gills on the side of the bucket and holes in the lid for ventilation.

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  • A key part of the brief was to align the design with the iconic KFC experience, a bucket of fried chicken. By taking the bucket, scaling it to a single serving size and adding a lid, the Go Bucket clearly conveys its purpose: to serve a fried chicken snack for on-the-go consumption. The bespoke red domed lid, paired with the cardboard bucket printed with KFC imagery, extends the existing brand icon into a modern brand experience.

  • The Go Bucket had to be portable. Although it is a squat-style cup, its dimension fits in most vehicle cup holders, important for drive-through ordering, plus it is sturdy enough to be comfortably held with one hand so the food can be eaten while on the move. In-store, it only requires two product stock keeping units to fit five different product builds, and can package the same amount of food as the preceding box. The simple two-piece design with no in-store assembly, other than putting on the lid, means use is consistent and fast, very important in a quick service restaurant.

  • Gills on the side of the cup acting as inlets for ventilation are the biggest innovation in the packaging. The cup's curved sides allow the gills to open for ventilation but food can't escape, and do not stick together when nested. In flat form, the small openings don't flag in machinery, therefore don't impact production. A rapid prototyping process meant lid samples could be created for a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time of traditional sample making. 3D printing technology allowed for multiple revisions in the lid's form to be worked through rapidly. The desired aesthetic was achieved quickly, in the form of the dome, with more effort directed to the shape and size of the ventilation holes.

  • Meeting KFC's requirement to maintain and/or improve food quality, the Go Bucket retains the crispiness of the chicken and chips, with the innovative design features. The gills on the cup's side, combined with the holes in the lid, create the stack effect, with entry points for air and exit points for steam. The domed lid allows for a secure seal, for food to protrude out of the bucket without physical damage, and creates the feel of an abundance of food. The board of the bucket retains temperature. Sensory testing to compare how the new packaging protects food integrity shows the Go Bucket keeps the food at a better texture and temperature than the old box.

    The Go Bucket can be made within existing manufacturing capabilities, and is produced within KFC's existing supply chain. Its design is a evolution of the classic KFC bucket shape, with innovations in its functions. The portability combined with its distinctive appearance, including the KFC branding, means it acts as walking advertising when users are eating from the Go Bucket. Since the Go Bucket is more portable for on-the-go usage than its predecessor, it is expected to increase the popularity of the snack range, and as consumers become more aware of the range create brand loyalty - it is a low-effort, high-impact, interactive way to consume KFC.