Design Minds

  • 2018

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State Library of Queensland

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Design Minds aims to create a new culture of learning in Queensland utilising Design Thinking. The platform arms Queensland teachers with design knowledge and skills, access to design Stories and design Toolkits underpinned by a Design Thinking methodology that plugs into existing education and learning benchmarks.

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  • *Can we give all young people in school the chance to grapple with the complex challenges they will face as 21st century citizens, employees, entrepreneurs?* - [Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership]( Education in the 21st century demands new models for developing new cultures of learning in the face of rapid change, open access data and geographical diversity. Within this context, Queensland faces a unique Design Challenge in connecting remote and disparate communities through technology, and mobilising and empowering the next generation to benefit from the opportunities of design-led innovation.

  • [Design Minds]( aims to create a new culture of learning in Queensland utilising Design Thinking. Our users are supported with access to information [exploring Design]( in education, are inspired by [Design stories]( and empowered through [Design Thinking toolkits]( The Design Thinking methodology underpinning our toolkits is a non-linear process focused on developing higher order thinking skills, and creating an environment to facilitate experimentation and innovation. The three-phase approach, *Inquire*, *Ideate* & *Implement* (and always *Reflection*), flexibly encompasses the various activities and modes of thinking inherent in other design methodologies, and communicates them in an accessible way to both designers and non-designers.

  • * The Design Minds Design Thinking methodology is the only Australian Design Thinking methodology included in the newly developed Senior [Design]( subject for Queensland schools * 26 Curriculum [Toolkits]( developed by teachers, academics and industry partners using the Design Minds methodology. * 13 Regional Design Minds Ambassadors appointed across Queensland and a rolling fund (Micro-Grants) for schools to deliver Design Thinking programs. * Commissioned by the Queensland Government to develop a Design-led ([2 Day City]( program using the Designminds framework for the G20 cultural program. * More than 120,000 users have accessed our services, with over 300 teachers and 81 schools implementing Design Thinking frameworks.

  • **Design Process & Execution** A [participatory design process ]( was used to create the platform, and the growth of its user community through the establishment of a community partnership model and an ambassador network has provided rich opportunities to extend current theory on design education. **Experience** Design Minds represents a key initiative in changing the culture of learning in Queensland and connecting geographically remote communities through design education (and documented by [case study methodology and action research]( **Commerciality & Sustainability** All content published on Design Minds is licensed using a [Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International licence]( allowing our users to copy and redistribute the content in any medium and remix, transform, and build upon the published material. **Innovation & Impact** Design Minds is believed to be [Australia’s first online platform]( (implemented 2012) for design and creative-led learning and skill development resources. The platform provides online design education resources and aims to encourage knowledge and skills exchange in design education and increase the capacity of Queensland teachers to teach creativity and design. The inclusion of the Design Minds methodology in the new Design syllabus brings immeasurable value now, and in the future to the role of design-led innovation in Queensland schools.