Dermapen 4

  • 2018

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

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  • Cobalt Design
  • Planet Innovation

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The Dermapen 4 micro-needling instrument sets a new global standard in dermatology, providing treatment for numerous skin conditions. As the first instrument to provide speed and depth adjustment via an advanced digital interface, Dermapen 4 delivers ergonomic control and digital precision in an affordable, accessible alternative to expensive IPL/laser equipment.

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  • The brief required that the Dermapen 4 set a new benchmark in dermatology, becoming the flagship product amongst Dermapen’s market-leading range of treatment devices. Challenges included: * Dealing with handling issues associated with an external power cord * Addressing the difficulty of reading/adjusting mechanical settings under a sterile sleeve * Providing a higher level of precision in needling depth * Positive control of needle cross-contamination and reuse Furthermore, the new pen required an ergonomic, balanced form with a market leading design language, capable of differentiating the brand from an increasing number of generic competitors, and reflecting Dermapen’s R&D leadership position.

  • The Dermapen 4 is a truly digital device, individual calibration data stored on each cartridge RFID chip works with electronic depth adjustment to precisely set needling depth regardless of manufacturing variations. Ergonomics are taken to a new level for this class of device. The large GUI is clearly readable under a sterile sleeve, while the angled head (optimising viewing angle) and cordless operation provide balanced and secure handling. Buttons replace dial inputs allowing gloved or sleeve protected interaction. The world-first dual seal cartridge prevents fluid entering the pen internally and externally, thus further reducing the risk of cross contamination.

  • As a result of improved precision and ease of operation, simple treatments can now be safely undertaken by the patient at home, while trained practitioners are, for the first time, able to offer deeper scar-treatment functionality in an affordable format. Internet of Things registration of pens and digital authentication of cartridges are expected to improve hygiene practices in clinics globally and will facilitate creation of an industry support platform hosted by DermapenWorld. While bringing significant benefits to patients and clinicians alike, the Dermapen 4 will also cement Dermapen, and by extension, Australia as the global leader in micro-needling technology.

  • * **Smart Cartridges.** The Dermapen 4 monitors use of each needle cartridge and prevents over/re-use, guaranteeing that treatments are only undertaken with sharp, sterile needles. Non-genuine cartridge use is prevented, ensuring the full benefits of precision calibration are preserved. * **Internet of Things Connectivity**. The Dermapen 4 communicates wirelessly to register the instrument, send/receive usage data and updates, and can interface with practitioner networks and DermapenWorld support. * **One Handed Operation:** Sterile practice requires the operator to exclusively use one hand for the instrument and the other for the patient. The Dermapen 4 interface supports operation entirely by the ‘instrument’ hand, while the form has been designed to prevent slips during one handed operation. * **Audio Feedback:** Along with distinct visual indications, the Dermapen 4 uses subtle audio cues to draw the operator’s attention to changes in state and confirm inputs. * **Dual power supply.** The Dermapen 4 uses a high performance Lithium Ion battery that delivers a full treatment session, with a magnetic cover ensuring fast and reliable battery swaps over 1000’s of cycles. Seamless change-over to a corded power supply is also available. * **Tiered Treatment:** Treatment depth limits are individually set for home, clinic and medical applications in line with operator qualifications.