DELTA 2 Series Portable Power Station

  • 2023

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Commissioned By:

EcoFlow Technology Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

The EcoFlow DELTA 2 Series is a two-model heavy-duty portable power station series, and an essential appliance for modern-day families. Allowing users to reduce reliance on the grid, the series reinvents the way users access power for daily use at home, as an emergency backup supply, and on off-grid adventures.

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  • Existing portable power stations have many limitations, such as slow recharging times of 4 to 10 hours, fixed capacities that limit the potential for users to power up their lives, short battery lifetimes of 500 charge cycles and impractical charging sources such as traditional wall sockets and power strips. Their large size and heavy weight also make them inconvenient for modern on-the-go lifestyles and limit their usability.

  • Through the DELTA 2 Series, EcoFlow aims to provide every family with a reliable and practical energy source in times of increasingly unreliable power supplies. Especially in areas that experience frequent power outages, it’s vital that life can continue even when mains power fails. Capable of powering anything from fridges to fans, it combines a convenient expandable power capacity with solar charging capability to provide the ultimate home backup power source and an ideal alternative power solution for campervans and off-grid homes.

  • Conflicts, political instability, and natural disasters have seen energy security become a key concern across the globe. With soaring energy bills, usage restrictions and blackouts, it’s never been more important to have a reliable source of power. EcoFlow’s DELTA 2 Series provides every family with a reliable energy source, bringing invaluable peace of mind to people across the world. Additionally, DELTA 2 provides excellent value for money – the device’s LFP batteries’ 3000-cycle lifetime represents almost a decade of once-daily use, while solar charging gives families access to completely free renewable energy to power their homes and their lives.

  • - DELTA 2 is the lightest 1kWh LFP battery-equipped power station, at just 12kg, while DELTA 2 Max is the lightest 2kWh LFP battery-equipped power station, weighing 23kg. - High capacity from 1024Wh to 6144Wh with an expandable design. - LiFePO4 batteries deliver a 3000-cycle lifetime, 6x longer than the industry average. - Supports up to 99% of heavy-duty appliances and charges up to 15 devices at once. - The world's fastest AC charging is provided by EcoFlow's X-Stream technology. DELTA 2 and DELTA 2 Max can be charged to 80% capacity in just 50 and 68 minutes respectively, and both can charge from empty to 100% in 80 minutes, much faster than the industry average of 5-9 hours. - The fastest solar recharging. - Smart app controls with upgraded advanced features. - Ultra-fast home backup switchover, with an Emergency Power Supply auto-switch taking effect within 30 milliseconds. - Multiple levels of protection for safe and reliable use.