De’Longhi 3D Comfort

  • 2019

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De’Longhi’s 3D Comfort Air Purifier, Heater and Cooling Fan provides a new meaning to the term ‘comfort’. Experience the sensation of continuous air flow, shaped to encompass you. Surround yourself in warm or cool air, cleansed of harmful particles, providing you and your family with a healthy home environment.

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  • Create a product with a unique and iconic design that produces an ideal comfort zone for the user by heating or refreshing the immediate environment according to need. The CMF research study is very important to obtain the best possible result in terms of perceived quality. The study of four main factors must be taken into account: Airflow temperature, Airflow distribution, Air velocity, and Air quality. The challenge is combining these to create a human-centric approach to comfort products that provides the best possible result of a perceived comfort zone.

  • Design research focused on “form follows function” where the monolithic but sinuous shape responds to the functional requirements. The air vents at the back of the unit utilise the physics principle of the Coanda effect to ensure the air flows along the profile of the curved surface. The result is a gentle, head-to-toe clean air flow, with no unwanted hot spots or draughts. A true comfort zone. High quality finishes with glossy / matte painting and the control display inserted behind a mirrored surface enhance the high level of detail in the creation of the product aesthetic.

  • The comfort measurement method was developed in partnership with Politecnico of Turin over many years. The body’s key receptors were mapped to create a three dimensional model, and a data processing system developed to measure the comfort of the human body. The study centred around the ideal air flow that could achieve actual human comfort, which led to the unique design of the 3D Comfort Air Purifier, Heater And Cooling Fan.

  • • The 3-in-1 design of the product heats, cools and purifies, providing a clean and comfortable environment all year round. With 6 heat settings, 10 cool settings, and a temperature setting range from 10°C to 28°C, the correct level of comfort can be achieved in any environment. • The product is equipped with a 360 Double Layer particulate filter, which can capture ultrafine particles from the air including pollen and pet dandle, dust, mould and bacteria, right down to 0.1 microns*. • The simple and intuitive remote control can be stored in the integrated holder, and controls the heating or cooling mode, Eco function, oscillation and timer. • An efficient brushless fan motor takes in the air from a 360° air intake, and forces it to follow the ideal airflow path. • Both side to side oscillation and high low air louvers can be controlled simply and intuitively to suit any need. • A powerful 2000W PTC ceramic heating element is controlled by a digital thermostat and equipped with safety features such as thermal cut-off and tip-over switch. *Third party organisations test to MPPS particles to EN 1822:2010.