Deloitte Private Connect

  • 2015

  • Design Strategy

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  • Deloitte

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Deloitte Private is a specialist division of Deloitte focused on serving private companies, high net worth individuals and families, and not-for-profits.
Deloitte Private Connect transforms the accounting experience for our clients, providing real time information to manage their business. Combining cloud-based ledger solutions, automated bookkeeping and benchmarking, and an online portal and dashboard, Deloitte Private Connect shifts the emphasis: no longer are clients looking in the rear-view mirror. They understand where they are now, where they are going and what must be done to improve outcomes.
The accounting experience becomes about actioning real insights.
The promise of business advice: delivered.

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  • Compliance accounting and taxation is a grudge purchase for most of the small medium enterprise (SME) market. Little value is gained from historical financial data and tax returns - information which can be nearly two years old. Our clients do not want to spend time on administration or bookwork. Nor do they like paying for low quality bookkeeping reworked at year end, at higher costs with no value add. Our clients want to spend more time doing real business. Our teams want more - to work as true advisors and be part of their client's team to help them achieve their goals. Our clients and team need accurate, real time information.Deloitte Private Connect redefines our clients' professional services experience.

  • Disruption is now the norm in our industry. The nature of accounting has changed with cloud-based, shared ledger systems enabling accountants and clients to be working on the same data simultaneously. The disruptive potential of this is profound. The temptation was to simply embrace the disruption, adopt the technology and digitise what we did to make it as fit for 'new world' competition as we could. We chose a different path: to deliver a truly new exciting experience by designing and building Deloitte private Connect. An experience that only Deloitte Private can deliver.

  • With the advent of cloud, the client accounting experience remained largely unchanged. The task was disproportionately about getting data in the system.The process needed improvement. There was significant friction and cost in handover between bookkeeper and accountant. Rather than merely digitise, we examined the entire accounting and tax value chain, and for every identified client pain point designed an experience our clients desired. We decided what added value, what added no value but was necessary, and what was an accident of history and didn't need to be done. For the first two, we looked to automate where possible, and at what needed the personal touch. For the third category we designed it completely.

  • We set about re-inventing the relationship with our clients and redefined the strategy for our entire business. We learned that design was core to our business model, we had to continuously evolve and we didn't have to do it all ourselves. After looking at where we were the right partner to add value and where we weren't, we created an ecosystem of technology and service providers who could deliver on the experience we had designed. We give our clients access to the systems they need to run their business, and our live dashboard provides an integrated view of their business performance in real-time from anywhere. We built elegance in simplicity so our clients now have timely information to be action-focused.

    Deloitte has embraced innovation as a key differentiator since 2004 and is recognised as one of Australia's most innovative companies by BRW. We are strategically committed to deliver 30% of revenue every two years from new or substantially different products & services. Deloitte Private Connect is a direct result of our Innovation program. In 2011 we embraced design as a key capability to innovate and set out to redefine the way professional services are experienced. We made design part of everybody's responsibility. All graduates are trained to design when joining Deloitte.