Daydream View

  • 2017

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    Consumer Electronics

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United States

Daydream View is a headset and motion controller for experiencing high quality immersive virtual reality (VR). Simply place a Daydream-ready phone into the headset to get started.

The lightweight and durable headset is made from multiple layers of soft, breathable fabric and foam to help you stay comfortable.

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  • Daydream View is an all soft VR headset with only the frame made out of plastic to keep the lenses at a correct distance to the phone display. The durable headset is made from multiple layers of soft, breathable fabric and foam to help improve comfort - and it fits over most eyeglasses. The unique construction method of the headset reduces weight and keeps the amount of hard plastic parts to a minimum. Engineered and designed for comfort, the soft, form-fitted facepad is made from four layers of foam.

  • Current VR devices on the market are heavy, made primarily out of plastic, intimidating from a setup perspective, and don't evoke the desire to be head worn.

  • Smartphone enabled VR makes the headset inexpensive - a Daydream-ready phone brings the high-performance compute, display and sensors. Additionally, the headset is 30% lighter compared to similar devices currently on the market. The six layered, soft and form-fitted facepad is hand washable and gently rests on your face. It is designed for an easy in and out VR experience. After placing a Daydream-ready phone in the headset, an NFC chip embedded in the front door will tell it to launch the Daydream app. A pair of capacitive rubber nubs on the frame will help the phone detect its position and automatically center the image. With its smart internal sensors the companion controller provides smooth tracking and

  • The story is driven by the choice of material. Inspired by the clothing and shoe industry, the exterior heathered fabric brings out the appeal to casual users, millennials and women. With the potential for this to expand as a concept playing with color and material, three different color options will be available: Slate, Snow and Crimson. The facepad is engineered for comfort consisting of two exterior layers of Sport and Classic Jersey and the internal padding made from four different layers of foam.