Darlinghurst Apartment

  • 2023

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

Designed By:

  • Brewer Architects

Commissioned By:

Victoria Milner and Michael Crouch

Designed In:


The clients were a couple who wanted a base when residing in Sydney. Flexible spatial planning was required to maximize the internal layout and create these defined moments. A selection of carefully curated materials and finishes, the design embodied innovative space saving techniques and well thought out details.

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Image: Tom Ferguson
Image: Tom Ferguson
Image: Tom Ferguson
Image: Tom Ferguson
Image: Tom Ferguson
Image: Tom Ferguson
Image: Tom Ferguson
Image: Tom Ferguson
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  • The clients gave us a concise, simple brief, to create an inviting and useable space when they’re living in Sydney, with ample integrated storage space and a flexible second bedroom that could be used as a home office if needs be. The program was to implement a new bedroom study space, kitchen, bathroom and living space. Part of the architectural concept was to create a light filled space that maximised the limited existing space and create pockets of activity with storage options that look aesthetically pleasing. The design closely aligned with the brief, precisely meeting the client's expectations.

  • The brief was reviewed extensively in the concept stage when reviewing finishes and costs. The design had a clear intent to create an inviting and familiar secondary dwelling when the clients were residing in Sydney. Utilising the integrated joinery unit for storage, items could be stored for when the client next chose to occupy the apartment. The second bedroom with a drop-down bed was an excellent solution to create an intimate space in the main living/dining area or to work from home. These additions were greatly received by the clients as they clearly aligned with their intentions for the apartment.

  • The seemingly mundane requirement for storage and flexibility became the core of the design principle. That being the case, it was an incredibly successful project as the form followed function. The project was able to respond to the clients’ initial design brief but also maintain the original design concept of being cohesive and connected. We complimented the simple timber materiality of muted tones throughout the apartment with a subtle warm tone for the stone in the bathroom and kitchen. Playing with a minimal selection of hues in the apartment, we were able to achieve a balanced concept forming incredible spaces.

  • From the kitchen island, dining area, all the way through to the second bedroom, the joinery elements connect all these spaces together, yet individually were intimate spaces on their own. We sustainably sourced materials from local vendors. The stone found in the bathroom was sourced from a family-owned Australian business, with a unique manufacturing process that meant there were no lead times on any of their products. We kept budgets in mind within the build. Given a clear instruction of the cost parameters, we designated funds strategically to optimize the final impact of the design. The idea was to utilize carefully curated materials such as the fabric for the bench seat, being made from recycled P.E.T bottles. Essentially requiring a space to be flexible enough to accommodate the main users whilst also catering to guests and family who may choose to stay here when the apartment is not being occupied by the owners. The second bedroom became a home office/ bedroom whilst also having hidden sliding doors for privacy. These small design cues created a flexible home environment.