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  • Protein One

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Protein One

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Dandelion is an innovative anti-bullying Digital Children’s Book App which offers the user a unique digital experience. Written by a father who’s son was being bullied, designed and developed by one of Sydney’s leading digital agencies. The App reached #1 on the Australian iTunes Book App charts, became a world-wide hit and subsequently taken up by Random House to be published throughout traditional bookstores. The story and message has resonated globally through original writing and wordplay, unique hand-drawn illustrations, pixel-perfect UI design and a user experience design unlike any other application.

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  • The key message "Bullying is for people with no imagination" evolved from the words that the author told to his son when confronted with the issue. The idea being that those with a bigger imagination can overcome obstacles by growing their confidence (as opposed to letting physically bigger bullies hold power over you). The message is one which encourages parents/teacher to discuss bullying with children and find ways to combat it.

  • When designing the user experience, our focus was to create something that was unable to be replicated in the traditional book format. We developed a parallax style animation to the pages which reacts to the user's movements as they read. Each page has individual touch points which help to tell the story. And we designed and developed a proprietary innovative design code which allows the user to actually physically blow dandelions from the screen. Creating a digital book experience unlike any other.

  • Within each page we designed hidden elements inside the illustration design to encourage the user to revisit and discover more (e.g. the frog in the grass). The pages are designed for the user to spend time on the page and engage others to join them.

  • Once the digital experience was released, the success of the App meant that Random House offered to publish the physical book and distribute across traditional stores. We were able to seamlessly take the design from digital to physical while still retaining a connection between the multiple media platforms.