DAB Esybox Max

  • 2023

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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The Esybox Max is an evolution in the booster set/pump market providing a solution that affects more people positively in the entire process of its journey from manufacture to use than any pump before it. A unique design, energy efficiency and simple installation are just the beginning.

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  • When we started to think about Esybox Max we asked ourselves how to manage the evolution of the Esybox range. It was clear from the very beginning, it could not just be something bigger. We felt we had to bring forward the path of evolution, completely changing the rules of the game for booster sets in residential & commercial buildings. Esybox Max is the outcome of listening to and communicating with many different people who will be in direct contact with the product. Once you identify the right audience and their problems, your products come next.

  • The Esybox Max was able to either meet the needs, improve efficiency or offer added value and cost savings at every stage of the sales and supply chains and the end user. From making the engineers’ or consultants’ jobs easier, to improving storage, transport and sales efficiency of the wholesaler or dealer, to simplifying the job for the installer, to improving the service maintenance staff can provide, to reducing the energy costs and improving the experience of the end-user, to improving environmental and sustainability outcomes with reduced carbon emissions based on improved logistics and the energy efficiency of the pumps.

  • The Esybox Max not only stands out amongst traditional booster sets, it stands above and apart due the design, advantages, efficiencies and impact it has. The efficient modular design makes installation easy, saves on transport and warehousing costs and allows engineers to select an efficient and space-saving solution in much less time. Traditional booster sets used commercially or industrially are generally quite large and timely to install. Maintenance monitoring and use can provided remotely without even stepping foot near the pumps. Energy savings and improved efficiency are large factors for the end-user and the environment, which the Esybox Max provides.

  • A new concept and industry first in the booster set industry.