• 2023

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    Web Design and Development

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New Zealand

CyberBrokers is a creatively ambitious NFT project building a vivid new sci-fi IP with a ton of heart. It’s based 200 years in the future on a frozen earth where humanity lives underground, plugging into lives of unbounded imagination inside a metaverse called The Paradigm Lost.

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  • needed to be a central hub for a lot of different media - their characters, locations, and stories. It had to offer smooth on-boarding for new visitors while also being the daily check-in for dedicated fans. We wanted the new website to be not just a home for stories, but a part of the stories. We were challenged to create a unified brand identity for CyberBrokers that was very flexible and could handle the pace at which this team generates new ideas and experiences.

  • We designed their brand identity and the user interface of the website to feel like a futuristic operating system. It’s as if you are floating inside the metaverse database, surrounded by fantastical characters, locations and 35-metre giant robots. As you pick up objects of interest you can then dive deeper into the site - exploring AI-generated locations, or 10,001 character profiles where you can play with their SVG layers and uncover hidden qualities. Being an NFT collectibles project, you can purchase Characters, Mechs, etc. and customise them - the users become owners and contributors in the world, not just consumers.

  • The project was passionately received by CyberBrokers’ fanbase and the Web3 community at large, described on Twitter as “Phenomenal”, “One of the coolest websites I've ever seen, period”, and “Feels like a disservice calling a website. More like a well built digital hub that happens to be compatible with web browsers… The quality is astounding!”. We continue to evolve the website alongside the Brokers team, adding microsites, new features and experiences. The creative concept and coherent UI design/interactions are providing CyberBrokers with the design building blocks to create their universe.

  • You’ll see various influences at play in the look & feel of the site, including GMUNK, Star Wars, Fallout, and Snow Crash, blended into something unique, fun and coherent. We created a design system that has the feeling of an interface with retro futuristic colours and typography but with the twist that it feels degraded, glitchy… almost untrustworthy. You’ll see randomised text effects, graininess, satirical content and malfunctioning patterns. The CyberBrokers NFT collection and related imagery are super-colourful, so we established a darker feeling for the site that lets those colours pop. We designed a colour-theming system that responds to the content within each page, e.g. the Character or Location, and serves up a complementary palette for the UI elements around it. All of the stickers in the background of the Homepage were made by our team to feel like cyberpunk graffiti and inspired by the CyberBrokers’ lore. Explore also the Locations pages which we designed to feel like “Live Feeds” from a fictional future, as if the user is scanning them with high-tech binoculars.