Culture For Life Fermentation Jar

  • 2015

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Culture For Life

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The Culture For Life Fermentation Jar is an integrated system designed for home fermentation. Make your own healthy cultured vegetables, sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir and more in an anaerobic system comprising a glass jar and lids with built in air-lock valve, housed in a silicone light shield. Until now, fermenting foods at home has been messy and difficult. Existing systems are a mismatch of jars and valves which are not integrated. The Culture For Life Fermentation Jar makes home fermentation easy, safe and reliable. Culture For Life brings the health benefits of fermented food into the homes of consumers.

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  • The Culture For Life Fermentation Jar has a custom designed fermentation (active) lid with a built in, air-lock valve allowing gases to escape the jar during the active fermentation process while preventing air from getting into the jar and causing contamination. The Valve has been designed to sit inside and flush with the top of the lid. Jars can stack without affecting the valve, and the aesthetics are not compromised by the inclusion of the valve. A patent has been lodged for the integrated valve.

  • To get the best flavours and results from fermentation, the produce being cultured must be completely submerged in the culturing liquid to prevent air exposure. The Fermentation Jar has a ceramic insert that is designed to keep the produce completely submerged during the culturing process. Silicone gaskets on the ceramic insert create an air-tight seal allowing the anaerobic process to vent without food rising above the liquid line. The insert is simply placed into the jar once produce and liquid has been added, the lid holds it in place during fermentation.

  • Setting the right liquid level in the jar will yield the best and tastiest results. The Fermentation Jar includes a fill level marker applied to the outside of the glass carefully positioned to indicate to the user where to set the liquid level. This, along with clear instructions and recipes helps users set the fermentation process that will yield great tasting food and no over flow. A long handled, stain resistant tamper is included with the system and allows the user to remove trapped air-bubbles in the produce before sealing the jar and storage during the fermentation process.

  • After the active process of fermentation is complete the user can easily replace the active lid with a storage lid and leave the jar in the fridge for months. There is no need to transfer the contents into separate jars to store for later use, eliminating added mess and fuss. The Active lid can be used on any Culture For Life Fermentation Jar, so while people are enjoying the nutritious, healthy and tasty food, a new fermentation cycle can be setup.

    One of the principle detrimental affects on the fermentation process is light exposure. The Culture For Life Fermentation Jar comes with a custom designed silicone light shield that slides easily over the jar shielding it from light and thus improving the fermentation process.