Culley Marker

  • 2019

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

Commissioned By:

Timothy Breandan Culley

Designed In:


The Culley Marker is, in fact, a Delineation Device, an Internally Illuminated Raised Pavement Marker ( IIRPM ), a Solar Powered, LED, Road Marker. With a low profile of only 16.1mm and diameter of 120mm, Culley Marker is a fully autonomous, solar-powered, transparent, safety device, benefiting all road and pathway users.

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  • The Culley Marker Design considered the high impact environment at its' final placement / location, the function, reliability and protection of its' internals ( Electronics ) from outside forces ( Heavy Vehicles ), the regulations and systems of the day, whilst enabling its' purpose as an Instrument for Safety and to match or exceed the beauty and aesthetics of the vehicles that may pass it by.

  • The Culley Marker was tested by the Government of South Australia, Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure ( DTEI ) against the most relevant, applicable, Regulatory Standards of the day ( AS 1906.3 ) by all kinds of heavy mechanical apparatus. From Report 11014 ( Culley Marker ) by Investigating Officer Keith Simpson-Lyttle ( DTEI ) : " Impact Strength of the markers tested after UV [ Ultraviolet ] exposure was excellent with no damage at all to the markers. The marker body was extremely robust. " Comments outside the Report referred to the Culley Marker's high aesthetic appeal.

  • Culley Marker intends to limit the premature passing of road users, whilst using minimal resource, as would be expected of a good steward. In a populated area of 2.5 million people, given 1 million of those work, if these people are unnecessarily delayed by 15 minutes to and from work on any given day, this equates to 500,000 ( Five Hundred Thousand ) man hours per day wasted. Culley Marker, by Lessening Obstruction ( accidents on roadways ) to Commerce ( movement / trade ), positively impacts all business' performance ( on a macro level ) limiting restraint on trade, by assisting to keep trade routes open.

  • Place the Culley Marker in your hand... the eye will note many key features of its' design, including, but not limited to: - All surfaces are curved to naturally allow water run-off. - The round edged / circular foot print design lessons the event of dislodgement from it's final position by outside forces. - Internal pillars with hollowed out sections promoting strength, minimal material use, efficient and consistent manufacturing techniques. - Fully transparent, highest strength, light material. - Raised 'shoulders' running front to rear, either side of the Internals, bear the greater impact, protecting the internals. - The base 'finger print wave pattern' is designed to see that any impact, within 45 degrees ( 90 in total ) either side of center, would be met with an opposing force / barrier. - The base 'finger print wave' pattern also acts as a greater reflective surface of the LED light, promoting a greater illuminated presence. - Bat shaped base plate is designed for assurance of alignment in final assembly. - The Internals, being a Solar Panel, Battery, Printed Circuit Board ( PCB ) and LEDs, were designed to fit in an extremely small space to assure a low profile design, whilst not compromising on strength, weight or aesthetics. - Culley Marker is fully autonomous and hermetically sealed.