Cubbi Buddi – The Play Lounge from Your Childhood Dreams

  • 2023

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

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Amy Thompson

Tara Lent

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The Cubbi Buddi is a modular foam play lounge for children designed by Paediatric Occupational Therapists with infinite ways to play, learn and develop. The inspiration for our product was to bring play and therapy into the home for all children and in a way that complements the home.

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  • As OT’s we know what types of play and movement children need to develop and that mostly therapy equipment was too expensive and not aesthetically pleasing for families to have in their homes. The need for this was evident with the steady decline in ‘active play’ in our country and escalated even more when COVID hit and children were not getting out and about which would have an impact on many areas of development. As Mum’s we knew we wanted something that was multipurpose, durable, cleanable, long lasting, suitable for all ages/abilities, and easy to pack away.

  • We consulted Industrial Designers and conducted market research to create a versatile, high-quality, Australian-made product for children of ALL abilities. We extensively prototyped fabrics, foam grades, shapes, sizes, and angles to prioritise function and support the development of gross motor, regulation, play skills, and social engagement. The design offers a joined base piece for extra strength and safety, includes handles for independence, a mix of optimal foam grades for durability and easy maneuvering, the rounded corners and trapezoids with flat tops add visual appeal and versatility. We sourced heavy commercial-grade fabrics suitable for homes therapeutic, educational, and health settings.

  • The Cubbi Buddi is multipurpose for all family members, with limitless possibilities. Its versatility has enabled us to establish a robust market presence, build brand trust, and achieve significant sales growth. Cubbi Buddi has been consistently praised for its positive impact, especially among children with disabilities as it promotes bonding among siblings and enhances the quality of playtime. It evolves with children from infancy, promoting developmental outcomes. Our commitment to innovation, coupled with a deep understanding of function, purpose, and design as Paediatric OTs and Mums, ensures customer loyalty and brand sustainability. Manufacturing in Australia positively impacts our economy.

  • A Cubbi Buddi is not just a kids play lounge... it is a place to jump, crash, roll, build, wrestle, hide and relax on. It can be a cubby, a spaceship, a tower, a fort, a lounge, a car ramp, a slide, an obstacle course and a spare bed for sleepovers. It is made of high-quality, GECA Certified Australian Made foam in three different grades to create the perfect combination of strength and comfort. Available in a range of four heavy commercial grade rated fabrics in over 25 beautiful colours, meticulously selected for their properties. They are aesthetically pleasing, machine washable, wipeable, stain-resistant, and health-guard stamped, ensuring they withstand all that children throw at them in any setting. The shape and size was designed with smaller spaces in mind. The addition of handles allow for independence and ease of packing away. Safety is our top priority, especially since our product is used by the most imaginative people on earth – kids. That's why we designed it without any sharp corners, with lockable safety zips and no exposed zippers. Moreover, Cubbi Buddi provides value-adding developmental content, including activity guides that support play and a colourful build ideas poster to inspire creativity.