Cub C16 Off-Road Caravan

  • 2023

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

Designed By:

  • Aaron Sheen
  • Shane Fagan
  • Amy Fagan
  • Sia Roudeheni

Commissioned By:

Cub Campers

Shane Fagan

Amy Fagan

Designed In:


The C16 is an adaptable design engineered to tackle some of the toughest tracks, including the notorious Telegraph track in the Cape & the unforgiving Kimberley Desert, whilst providing the comfort features of a 5-star hotel and keep you off grid for extended periods of time.

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  • The function of the C16 is to tackle tough tracks, keep users off-grid for longer and provide a 5-star luxury camping experience in the most remote regions of the country. One challenge faced in the design process was engineering a caravan that was lightweight enough to tow through difficult terrain, without sacrificing the durability of the construction or scaling back the comfort features we had in mind. We also wanted to improve on some traditionally flawed aspects of caravan design whilst designing an aesthetically pleasing model that differed from everything else on the market.

  • The Body Specifications are aimed to keep the C16 as a comfortable living space without removing the ability to go through tough conditions. With a tare of 2000kg, an ATM of 2700kg and an unladen ball weight of 140kg, it’s light to tow. Its light weight, low centre of gravity & narrow body are the key features that allow the C16 to be taken far off the beaten track and set-up at the most remote campsites. The C16 is also loaded with comfort features to make users feel as though they are enjoying their own private 5-star resort.

  • The C16 was launched as a statement piece for Cub moving forward . The C16 was engineered to emulate a European caravan, but was Australian made and owned. We uncovered that the C16 needed to have key features prominent in the European market based on our research into local caravan owners. The impact on the market has been overwhelmingly positive and we are on track to meet our sales goal for the first year. Cub Campers have, and always will be manufactured in Australia utilising only the strongest Australian materials and we have upheld this standard with the C16 .

  • The comfort element of the design was an important consideration in the design process. Everything from the finishes of the surfaces to the interior leather drawer handles was all carefully chosen to create a curated luxury off-road caravanning experience. The C16’s luxurious interior is designed to make you feel right at home in the bush. Whether you’d prefer to end your day lazing on the king-size pillowtop mattress, streaming a movie on the HDTV and escaping the heat in the airconditioned interior - or relaxing under the awning with a drink and your favourite song playing on the stereo, as you watch the sun set over the desert – the C16 will make you feel at home in the most remote locations in the country. With the ability to reach the most beautiful and remote locations in the country, you’ll want to stay a while - and the C16 provides the remote capability to keep you off-grid for longer. This unit comes fully equipped with 400ah of lithium power, capacity for 200L of clean water and 100L of grey water, four solar panels of 180W each, an optional inverter and the Redarc RedVision Total Vehicle Management System to keep track of it all.