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The Crossray+ barbeque system utilises angled, side mounted infrared burners to perfectly cook your food. With infrared burners Crossray+ is significantly more efficient than your traditional open flame barbeque, and provides more heat and uses less gas, leaving you with lower running costs.

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  • The design brief was extremely challenging. 1.Redefine the outdoor gas BBQ so that it can perform exactly like a traditional outdoor way of cooking . 2 Create an even heat over the entire cooking area, and devise means to stop any fat flare ups. 3. Incorporate a system that will also function as an infra red oven, in the way of traditional wood fired stoves such as the AGA. 4. Act as a true MULTI FUNCTION APPLIANCE,the consumer needs only one outdoor appliance that can act a pizza oven, normal oven, long slow smoker oven and an exceptional conventional grill.

  • Fundamental to the design are the surface combustion gas fired infra red burners.. These are uniquely mounted with the actual grill casing, under the cooking plates. The burners are mounted at an angle that directs the infra red evenly over the entire cooking area The cooking grids incorporate a thin cast iron strip that covers the burners, stopping any fat from falling directly on them. A 2 piece secondary level cooking rack system is positioned above the traditional BBQ cooking grids.

  • From a functional perspective, the product not only meets all the design criteria, it exceeds them. As a result of this revolutionary design, the CROSSRAY+ BBQ is able the reach temperatures around 50% higher than a similar sized, traditional gas BBQ.This is the ONLY BBQ that can provide CONTROLLABLE, EVEN HEAT from 100C to nearly 400C Even more amazing is that these higher temperatures are achieved while using 50% less gas than similar sized conventional unit,leaving you with lower running costs. An environmentally efficient outdoor cooking appliance that saves the need for extra outdoor cooking appliances,like pizza ovens and smokers.

  • The patented CROSSRAY+ system uses infrared burners mounted at the sides of the barbecue, angled up at the cooking surface. Because the burners are infrared, they have superior performance to traditional open-flame burners.. Infrared heat penetrates your food, keeping it moist and fresh, whereas an open flame just heats the air around it, ultimately drying it out. CROSSRAY+ infrared burners are also more efficient and cook faster than traditional burners, so your food is ready sooner and you use less gas. As the burners are not directly beneath the cooking surface, fat and juices can drain away, reducing smoke and virtually eliminating the flare-ups that char your food and leave the inside of it uncooked.Infrared burners provide significantly more heat and use less gas, meaning better performance and lower running costs.